Stephen J. Emmott (born 3 June ) is a Professor and Head of Computational Science at . “Population 10 Billion by Danny Dorling and Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott – review”. The Guardian. London. ^ Goodall, Chris (). 10 Billion aims to take a dramatic look at the challenges we face today, from Stephen Emmott is Head of Computational Science at Microsoft. Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott Sep 10, | Pages. Buy . production of TEN BILLION, performed by Stephen Emmott at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

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Emmott is much more blunt about it, let’s just say, the old woman is starting to swallow the horse. It is then transported on a very large and very contaminat ship to for example Indonesia to made into steel.

Archived from the original on I also sympathize with those who suggest the author is hypocritical in complaining about waste and rampant consumerism but then goes on to publish a book in such an inefficient way. Open Preview See a Problem? In there were million cars,by were million of cars,now there are millions of cars.

A dynamic in-silico model of neuronal migration in the developing cortex”. Ten Billion [2] [3] [4] Towards Science emmoott. A article in Science Daily summarised the conventional view when it wrote http: It’s also striking that a senior scientist uses this word inexactly.

Stephen Emmott’s 10 billion book is unscientific and misanthropic | Environment | The Guardian

In the UK, billon its stated commitment to tackling climate change, the British government issued new licences to drill for oil and gas in the North Sea — the largest number since North Sea oil drilling began in Previous post Next post. This is a 3 stars that is probably more of a 2.

I guess that has got nothing to do with the fact that he works for microsoft. But he exaggerates, stephn in so many other instances, the current seriousness of the issue. You will have nightmares. He is blunt, and to the point, and that is what makes this a simply enlightening read.


As the population continues to grow, our problems will increase. The author does not believe that bbillion technological fix is on the tsephen that we – even many scientists physicists at CERN, for example – do not take the problem seriously enough, and that we – us – sgephen the problem, and 10 billion of us just makes the problem that much worse. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Her research interests lie in international development and the intersections between health, the environment, economics and politics. When it comes to discussion of fish production, Emmott shows an equally disturbing lack of knowledge. Sep 10, Pages. There are a lot of other books out there making this argument with much more supported writing and way less ego.

But the cumulative effect of his uncluttered, unadorned prose, buttressed with graphs and illustrations, is significant. Stay in Touch Sign up.

10 Billion, by Stephen Emmott, review – Telegraph

He does an excellent job of showing how we are changing the world around us for the worse, right now. Yet demand for land for food is going to double — at least — byand triple — at least — by the end of this century. The downside of reading alarming stats like the oncoming shortage of food, water, energy, and huge amounts of toxic waste and catastrophically altered climates If someone has a scientific biklion and wishes to hear a fire and brimstone sermon and calls to repent for the end is nigh one can pick up environmental literature and feel a sinners remorse and wrath of almighty mother nature.

I’ve mentioned a few of them below to demonstrate the range of surprising misstatements.

It can be wolfed down in barely more than an hour. Demand for land for food Emmott writes page Yet demand for land for food is going to double — at least — byand triple — at least — by the end of this century. The whole thing is set out in large, often bold type, with bullet points taking up less than half of each page, sometimes as little as a line.


It contradicts every genetically coded piece of information we contain, and at least in their conception one of the most important and fun impulses we have. This is never mentioned, let alone discussed by Emmott.

Stephen Emmott’s population book is unscientific and misanthropic

It’s basically a short essay, half an hour’s reading. A rise in celsius degrees,probably more, in mean global temperatures seems inevitable The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change,whose job it has been for twenty years to ensure stabilice greenhouse gases on earths athmosfere: When Sttephen Paterson, one of the Two Fat Ladies of television cooking fame, came to killing a lobster on screen, she addressed the squeamish in her audience with the words: Scary – which it needs to be – but its audience will be those already scared.

We are not trying to change the path we are on, most are happy to speed down the road to oblivion. Jul 02, David rated it it was ok. A valuable contribution to rekindling a discussion on global emmot that has waxed and waned in the two centuries since Thomas Robert Malthus first brought the issue to public attention. Several of his very sparsely filled pages are given over to discussing how much water is needed to grow food but nowhere does he discuss the global availability.

By two hundred years ago there were one billion of us.