Service Manual Acer Aspire G – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Acer aspire g service manual pdf. 04 13 20 11 49 ,, – M. Microsoft Corporation – C WINDOWS System32 asycfilt. – Uses a spaced repetition. ACER ASPIRE G QUICK MANUAL Pdf Download. Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon’s.

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Rename the Bios could be fdtfyguh. Make sure the power cable is in! The laptop is turned OFF! Plug the USB stick in! Release the buttons and mwnual power light will start to blink. Make sure the Flash driver fotmated in FAT and make it bootable flash drive.

For make a bootable flash drive plz check this link http: Without Flash aspkre method Without bios and flash drive “nothing”, Hold Function key that is Fn than escape key Esc and jointly hold power button,than leave Fn Esc key and hold power button for few more second than leave power button and do nothing, leave the notebook as this 10 min it will make some noise and noise will increase, after 10 min if its not start hold power button for shutdown and again push power button for start.

Hp Compaq black Dead notebook Fix: In order to use such a BIOS on this laptop, you need to follow the steps needed to do a recovery flash. The diskpart part is how I prepare most flash drives, usually for OS installations; the process deletes the partition tables from the drive all data erasedcreates a new partition table with a single partition, formats that partition to FAT32, flags it for boot, and assigns it a drive letter.

You can find all information and download mirrors for this BIOS at: In this video I show the basics of axer system BIOS and talk about some of the most commonly used features among home users!

Since megaupload was taken away from us. Here’s the new link from HP same files i used before http: Sometimes you will have to remove the battery to fully clear the settings. Many modern motherboards are starting to come with a power, reset, and clear cmos button servicr right into the board. Those are easy and you won’t require the steps I showed you here.

Just press and hold one of those buttons down, with the machine off but plugged in. You need the old style keyboard to acsr into the purple port on the motherboard. Acer aspire recovery partition alt f10 doesn’t work?

Es muy util cuando el equipo esta infectado con virus o funciona mal. En caso que te sale solo la consola puedes teclear manualmente la ruta en que insisto mahual el video. This is a quick video to show how you can do a data recovery from a dead hard drive. Follow these instructions only if the hard drive you have sound’s like the one in this video. How to fix a broken Hard drive to recover stored data How to recover data from a dead hard drive.


Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video – check out their awesome skins at http: Download link for latest modded unlocked BIOS http: Discussion Laptop Repair Fourm: I was running Bios V and i was updating to Sefvice Remember figures below are for guidance only as hot air guns and laptops vary. Remove nozzle from heat gun set it to about C F and medium speed blow on the chipset for 3 to 5 min.


Try making circles while blowing, be carefull at this stage. Mask any plastic parts with some tape otherwise you asppire melt them. Purpose of that is to preheat chipset. Now fit the biggest nozzle, set your heat gun to C F and full speed and burst directly at chipset making little circles, hold gun up right 0.

After 30s job is done. Dont forget pop out battery before any rework. For those who don’t know the problem is: I fixed that problem See previous vid http: You can usually find information specific to your computer online, just Google something like “Acer Aspire maintenance manual. Servce modern laptops will only have the Serbice battery, without the jumper see instructions 1 below.

However, most desktops still use the jumper see sapire 2 below. Again, look in your computer’s “Owner’s Manual” or “Maintenance Manual” for instructions on how to do this properly for your system. Re-insert the CMOS battery, then the laptop battery and any panels previously removed. See the owner’s or maintenance manual for help.

Acer Aspire 5750ZG – BIOS RECOVERY.wmv

Open the computer via the access panel. See the owner’s or maintenance manual to locate the jumper it’s usually near the CMOS battery.

There will be a plastic tab covering two of three pins on the reset jumper. Move the plastic tab from it’s current position, over one place.

It should now be covering the same middle pin and the other outer pin that was previously uncovered. Power on the computer, allow it to boot, then shut it down. Follow all of these steps, from the beginning, aspiee move the plastic tab back aspjre its original position.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. If it helps – Share, Like, Subscribe! When the laptop is not working, and you can’t update bios by acdr into the CMOS menu or from Windows to do the flashing, follow these instructions.

It will allow the netbook to flash automatically when powered up. If this doesn’t work, watch acwr video: I read all of them and they are a great motivation to myself. Thank you for watching and hope this video will save aspige laptop! So I see many people suffering from blank screens, black screens or what ever they call. In this video I’m providing some tips and couple ways to troubleshoot a laptop with certain kind of issues.

Pls watch the video in HD fullscreen to read stuffs clearly although I have tried to make it possible to read in small screen. Do you realy need to update your bios? Unless the the updated bios file supports a solution to the problem that you might be having with your motherboard and that new update has a solution then only do bios update, do not do it if you don’t need to and if every thing works fine with your current bios.

Make sure to read what support is added in the bios update that u are going to use on your motherboards manufacturers website. If the update fails your motherboard might endup being useless — If by mistake your bios update fails for any reason your mobo might crash ,that is problem with most of the older motherboards but nowadays new motherboards are made with a crashfree bios so new mobo might have option of recovery so pls try to get more details about your motherboard and its bios before trying out any thing.


Steps are simple- 1-First make your USB device bootable with dos files in it which make usb device bootable. There might be a windows based flashutility also available for your mobo so pls look for it might be simple but if you don’t have then you can see the procedure in this video. This vid is mostly usefull for updating bios of older motherboards which require you to make a bootable Floppy but nowadays no one even have have a floppy drive in their pc and floppy disk have became like stuff from history.

Use this guide if your netbook has the “black screen of death” where the power lights turn on but the screen remains black or aaspire you’ve corrupted or deleten your bios. You take full responsibility when following this guide. I am not liable to servive damages that may occur during or after following this guide.

Please do not attempt to use the files or instructions provided in this guide for servicee device that isn’t an acer aspire one zg5 aoa or aoa the files for aoa and aoa are the same! Download the BIOS files from http: Re-uploading of this video is not allowed and those videos found will be removed.

Ich habe leider an einigen Stellen, nicht die richtigen Begriffe verwendet. Was aber nicht wirklich schlimm ist. 9535g BIOS reset is a good last option for when your computer is completely dead.

Acer Aspire ZG – BIOS – Most Popular Videos

This reset can sometimes revive your computer. So although this fix will not revive all dead computers it is an excellent option for a last resort fix.

Videos mentioned in this video: This video helps you diagnose reasons for your Acer being stuck in a boot loop. It takes you through multiple reasons and solutions for why your computer turns on part way and gets stuck somewhere in the startup process whether it be at diagnosing your PC, a black screen, a loading screen, preparing automatic repair, starting windows screen or some different kinds of blue screens, etc. This video teaches you how to diagnose your computers problem yourself saving you on costly repairs.

Sometimes Legacy is listed as CSM. In many cases, due to some reason, suddenly the BIOS settings are back in the default position. History of error in this case.

One day, the user performs a Windows installation. By setting “Legacy Support” user continue the install windows until finished. The user unintentionally changes BIOS. In this video, the error occurs because point no. Save and exit BIOS. Hopefully this information is useful for you.

The full post in my website: This is a very common problem with this netbook since it was released to the market with a defective BIOS software that can eventually fail and needs to be upgraded. The black screen issue seems to be caused by abruptly shutting down the netbook, this may happen due to battery malfunctions.

Be sure to check out this other video: Notice that the instructions in the official FAQ tells you to download the version of the BIOS, this will fix the problem, but I got the black screen again a couple of months after fixing it.