Color map. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain – you start the game in the upper right corner of the wilderness, and you may enter a. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain. It is often regarded as a curse by new players, whose PC’s are killed in wilderness encounters and. ADOM Guidebook. Wilderness – color map.

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Doing this gradually causes mountains to turn into volcanoes, and other adok to become more mountainous. The secret door to the south leads to the rest of the fortress levels. At low speeds, travel times can be multiple times longer.

The stone circle is the only location in the game that is visible to all players yet can only be entered by some and even then only sometimes. The swordsman is behind a trapped door mwp becomes a companion when chatted with.

Retrieved from ” http: The final level is populated by powerful, highly experienced monsters, including the supreme balor, three wliderness balors, and sometimes emperor molochs. Available after receiving the quest to Rescue the Cute Dog.

Rolf will assign you a quest if you chat with him after giving him his axe and shield. In its unidentified form it appears as a red tinderbox. Reading one while adjacent to Andor Drakon instantly destroys him, and shortly causes the universe to end. It features antediluvian enemies. An ancient dwarven key can be found by digging up the white grave there.


PC must have received the Unicorn Quest. The Mad Minstrel’s Clearing. Leaving this dungeon places the PC on a random volcano on the wilderness map. The volcano itself is a 16 level cavernous dungeon with lots of magma and a very high rate of special dungeon features. They produce the following text when read:.

The final chamber to the east has two secret doors. One of the more remote locations in the game, home of Hawkslayer.

Improved ADOM Guidebook

While volcanoes are active, they will appear through the Drakalor Chain. It is two keystrokes away from the starting position 1SW, 1W.

It has several piles of equipment, including weapons, armor, and shields. The first four levels have cavernous layouts, while the final level has a special layout that includes the stone dragon king’s treasure wildernews. Revealed by searching with Lucky or Fate smiles. The final level of the fortress is a single, huge room. Once entered, it displays the message “You enter a rather unremarkable cave complex.

All areas in the wilderness have a danger level of 1, unless modified by scrolls of danger. Only accessible through the Unremarkable Dungeon.

First, talk with Thrundarr about “Rolf”.

3.0.x Changes

Teleportation is not allowed on this level. Reading a scroll of entropy causes temporary confusion. Leading him all the way to wulderness ice queen will cause them to reunite, which stops the generation of further volcanoes and renders existing volcanoes dormant.

  CCNA VOICE 640-460 PDF

Tomb of the High Kings. Northwest of the Mad Minstrel’s Clearing.

After receiving this quest, the stone dragon caves can be found in the mountains to the west eilderness the pyramid. Home of the Supreme balorlocation of the Scroll of omnipotence.

Rolf quest | ADOM Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The PC must avoid killing any living dwarves, apart from dwarven chaos knightsprior to meeting Rolf. The overlord drops either the cornucopia or the horn of plenty when killed.

Contents [ show ]. A map fragment can be found in a scroll shop in the ancient dungeon. Entering any volcano on the wilderness map places the PC in the same volcano dungeon. This key can then be used to unlock the portal at the bottom of the sinister dungeon. Small Cave is more dangerous the higher level you are, Unremarkable Dungeon’s danger level is unchanging like other dungeons.

Many spellbooks are found here, along with the Ghost Librarian wildrrness, who may give players the weird tome under the right circumstances.