AGMA 923-B05 PDF

(This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 CAUTION. (This Information Sheet is NOT an AGMA Standard). American Gear Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gearing Manufacturers AGMA B05 Association. AGMA B05 Metallurgical Specifications for Steel Gear – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) or read online. AGMA B05 Metallurgical.

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See the specific type of case depth such as effective or total case depth.

AGMA 923-B05

Heat treating low alloy PM steels October 15, The generic terminology covering carburize and nitride hardening applicable to steel that change the chemical composition and microstructure of the surface layer by adsorption of carbon, nitrogen, or a mixture of the two and by diffusion, create a chemical composition gradient.

A minimum hardenability verified by certification, calculation or test which is appropriate for part size and quench severity should be specified. For carburized gearing the maximum depth of diffused carbon. Also see Induction and flame hardening heat treatments have a characteristic heat affected zone that Item A representative test coupon may contain a tooth form that will be used to verify the heat treat process. As a result of these inclusions amplifying local stresses, these gears exhibited a lower fatigue performance index.

The representative test coupon, when positioned in a heat treat load in the same general area but separate from the piece part, is intended to represent the metallurgy of the heat treated tooth section.

Site Safety October 1, Further evaluation at higher magnifications shown in the progression of pictures moving forward to the right shows a fatigue thumbnail, and in the middle of the thumbnail is a globular oxide micro inclusion that measures approximately 20 mm in square root area.

Characteristics that are typically evaluated at the same time are grouped by having the same number before the decimal point, and modified with different numbers after the decimal point for the individual characteristics evaluated at that time.

The outer portion that has been 923-05 harder than the inner portion see core hardness as a result of altered composition, microstructure, or both, by treatments such as carburize and hardening, induction hardening, flame hardening, and nitriding. Need more than one copy? Add to Alert PDF.


Item Detail – AGMA B05 (reaffirmed April 8, )

Table 2 shows the maximum likely globular oxide inclusions for each of the steels reviewed previously. A microstructural phase which agam a compound of metal M and carbon C having the chemical formula of MxCy. Test disks or plates may be used whose minimum thickness is 92-b05 percent of the appropriate test bar diameter.

Metallurgical characteristics for nitrided gearing. Base hardness after surface Not sgma. Oxide particles in steel typically consist of aluminum, magnesium, calcium, or silicon oxide compounds or phases. Alternate terminology for a process control test coupon. Total case depth in finished Minimum total case depth requirements for the tooth should be specified in accordance with condition the appropriate rating standard. See specific type of test coupon such as process control or representative.

The ability to characterize the chemistry of inclusion populations is critical to developing a strong understanding of how steelmaking practices affect the generation zgma inclusions. The formula for calculating the volume density, N Vfor each range N V j is then:. In forging and rolling, the ratio of 923b05 cross sectional area of the rough cast ingot or continuously cast billet to the final cross–sectional area.

The coupon length should be a minimum of 2 times the diameter. Forty-eight samples from six locations in the heat are collected from front, middle, and back portions of the heat and top and bottom positions of the ingot. If the bore diameter is less than 20 percent of the length of the bore, then the controlling section is determined by figures 5 or 7.

Each of these histograms compares five different steel producers. The thickness of a plate equivalent in cooling rate to that of a round bar equivalent controlling section size is 0. Characterization of the inclusion population for a 923-bb05 of steel requires tens of hours of SEM run time, but only tens of minutes of sample preparation and operator time.

The Ultrapremium practice for its strand cast process path is under development.

Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics | Gear Solutions Magazine Your Resource to the Gear Industry

Due to differences in quench cooling rates and hardenability, the microstructure and hardness of process control test coupons used for carburize and hardened gearing may not be the same as that of aggma finished gear tooth. The bending strength of gear teeth related to their resistance to gear tooth bending failure. Care must be taken when grinding nitrided surfaces to ensure that no harmful surface conditions are produced in the grinding process.


These are the methods to be used for evaluations to the requirements aggma clause 5. A hard compound of iron and carbon, known chemically as iron carbide, having the chemical formula Fe3C.

Either the flat bottom hole or back reflection method may be used. The dimensions in this document are always to be measured normal not oblique to the surface. At this time, the Ultrapremium practice and certification limits with steels are produced using bottom-poured ingots. Falk Corporation Xtek, Inc. Effort was made to reference ISO specifications where possible. Teeth 6 in mm 8 in mm 6 in mm Controlling section: Medium carbon alloy steel.

Gear Design Relevant Cleanness Metrics

Linear elastic fracture mechanics is a field developed in the solid mechanics and materials science communities [12], [13]. Decarburization – Per any of three methods: Each of the first three steels were produced by electric arc furnace and vacuum refining, and each meet AGMA grade 3 and ASTM A [3] bearing steel quality requirements for oxide inclusion cleanness.

An outer-shell, high-energy electron then fills the hole, and the difference in energy is released as a characteristic X-ray. The minimum acceptable requirements for each factor for metallurgical quality Grades 1, 2 and 3 are specified. Table 1 – Metallurgical characteristics for through hardened gearing Item Characteristic1 2 93-b05 Material 923b05 2 3 4 Grain size Hardenability Grade 1 Not specified verified.

The hardness at the intersection of the root circle and the centerline of the tooth at mid–face width that was developed during the hardening of carburized gearing. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. Shim stock is often used to monitor atmospheric carbon potential. Surface cracks7 8 Cracks, bursts, seams and laps are not permissible in functional areas of finished gearing.