More by Ajit Mookerjee. Tantra Asana. Ajit Mookerjee. Kali: The Feminine Force. Ajit Mookerjee. from: $ The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Ritual. Ajit Mookerjee . Ajit Mookerjee, born in Bengal (British Raj) in and died in India in , was a specialist in the sacred texts of the Indian subcontinent, art curator, collector. publisher’s note In the months from September to the beginning of December , reportedly Helen 1 ACIM Text A 10 Kundalini – The Secret of Yoga.

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Derived from the essential tenets of Indian thought, tantra was nourished by radically different, even heretical, sources. He awakens his inner forces 30 but at the same time maintains perfect lucidity and self-control, the resulting nookerjee of which is neither hallucinogenic nor artificial. In tantric imagery, the power-patterns and configurations are built up from primal abstract forms to complexity.

The lotus also represents the ubiquitous subtle element, space; the infinity of space and consciousness are identical. Innate simplicity of composition is identified with spiritual presence. At times hard to read, the illustrations are some of the best you can even find online.

These united male and female figures are drawn together in creative force towards the awakening of the inner ajig, new dynamic asana- forrns. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. The triangle, on the other hand, or trikona, represents the three worlds, the three gunas: There are early references to tantrism in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain literatures, although tantric practices are older than ,ookerjee texts. Hence ‘the Sri Yantra is the one body of the Siva couple’ Yamala.

The five Buddhas do not remain remote divine forms in distant heavens, nookerjee descend into us. Tantra, which does not deny the body, but harnesses its energies and powers for spiritual growth, is the most detailed and authoritative teaching of this kind in existence. Hence the union of two triangles symbolizes the union of Siva-Sakti manifesting in the creation of the objective universe. The carvings on the exterior of this temple to Siva are crowded with hundreds of figures; the interior, on the other hand, is plain and dark – the darkness of the womb Garbhagriha.


Innumerable other biomorphic shapes and voidal spheres resulted as a fusion of primary shapes in an attempt to record astronomical concepts. If ritual vanishes from the scene because of changes in the structural pattern of society, art forms will also atrophy and in the last analysis will become merely ‘history’.

The mind aspires to be free. The tantras are mostly anonymous; their authorship is ascribed to divine source. Today in the West, scientists and philosophers, mystics and seekers amit higher consciousness are intensively searching for means of releasing the vital energy kundalini that lies latent in each of us. Art is not wholly divorced from experience; a thread of continuity binds one world with the other. Tantra’s aim is to realize this integrated wholeness of polarities through active contemplation: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

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They are in the nature of a celestial mirror which reflects the imaged universe. High to Low Avg.

In its strictest sense tantra is neither religion nor mysticism but an empirical-experiential method which has been absorbed as a cultural pattern valid for everyone and not limited to any exclusive group or sect.

A gouache painting from a series illustrating the rise of Kundalini through the psyche: The Subtle Body and its Representation In the symbology of tantric art, the structures of the various psychic centres in the subtle body are represented in lotus forms known as chakras, and the paths of the energy currents are mapped visually in the form of spirals.

There will be no light, no life, no warmth – nothing but perpetual and irrevocable stagnation. In this state the ‘inner woman’ is the Kundalini Sakti in the body of the worshipper and ‘wine’ the intoxicating knowledge derived from yoga, which renders the worshipper senseless, ‘like a drunkard’.


The straight line signifies growth and development and like time, consists of an infinite number of points, each discreetly in space. Linga stands in the yoni – the 35 Brahmanda, cosmic spheroid, a symbol ofall-petyasive reality.

Kundalini | Book by Ajit Mookerjee | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The fourth chakra, Sarva-saubhagyadayaka, or Giver of Auspiciousness, projects the realm of possibilities in spiritual ascent; it consists of the fourteen triangles forming the outer rim of the complex interlocking of triangles. A very dynamic role is played by the female aspirant in the practice of tantra asana. Mantras may seem meaningless and unintelligible to the non-initiate, but to the adept who has received right instruction from a guru, they are seeds of spiritual power.

It conceives of the human body as the physical substratum to highest awareness, and the raw material for further transformation, where even conjugal love and sex are considered a means to supreme joy and spiritual edification; its unconventional and spontaneous approach to life, with its psycho-experimental content, offers a complete reorientation of our outlook on the world at large. In me is the cosmic light, a mysterious presence, even if it be obscured by error.

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Sound is the reflex of form and form is the product of sound. Perfect experience results in the experience of the whole, i. All the triangular chakras are coloured red, to represent radiant energy or the dynamic and fiery element of the cosmos. Brahmanda, the ‘Cosmic -Egg’, mookernee in ritual as manifesting a realization of wholeness.