Alagh committee report: Recommended remedial measure for the recruitment & induction ajaysinghniranjan New: UPSC: IAS DIST. March, ·. Report of the High Powered Committee for Formation and Conversion of. Cooperative Business, into Companies. ‘- {};: Government of India . Recommendations of Y K Alagh Committee: 1. The report deal with eligibility parameters, the desired Characteristics of candidate in terms of knowledge, skill .

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Insolvency is a situation where an individual or company is unable to repay their outstanding debt In the recently concluded Congress plenary, Congress President Sonia Gandhi suggested state financing of elections as a measure against corruption in the electoral process. The Bill revamps the present system of inquiry into complaints against judges.

This process of public consultation on draft rules is a welcome step which is not often followed. The Bill is currently pending with the Standing What happens during the recess.

Anirudh – April 19, The issue committed be discussed in Parliament under various procedures. Last week, the Planning Commission filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court updating the official poverty line to Rs per month in urban areas and Rs in rural areas.


Government and RBI response to contain a depreciating rupee.

UPSC Civil Services Exam: Alagh Committee Report

Nivedita Rao – January 2, Most civil servants, according to the report, have the attitude that they are repositories of the wisdom and knowledge needed to deal with matters that lies within their spheres of authority. M R Madhavan – September 6, Examining the rise of Non-Performing Assets in India.

However, in terms of the So far, both Houses of Parliament have been witnessing disruptions. GST rates and anti-profiteering.

Mending The Frame

The Bill creates a framework for the levy of excise duty and imposes a prohibition on alcohol in Bihar. Brief overview of the performance of the 12th Gujarat Legislative Assembly.

Karan – August 17, Nivedita Rao – December 15, The Ministry has invited comments on the draft policies, which may be sent to Are there enough regulatory safeguards against nuclear power?

Can the Supreme Court ask the government to frame a law? Chakshu Roy – December 17, This mind aoagh according to reportbecome apparent when they are called upon to take care of the needs of the weaker section of societyespecially while implementing policies that can lead to clash with the interests of influential persons in society. Recently, Delhi witnessed large scale protests by various groups demanding stricter punishment and speedier trial in cases of sexual assault against women.


This blog briefly outlines the context Sakshi – July 31, This was certainly not the intention of the intended reform.

Evolution of legislative “power of the purse”. The primary check on preventing In light of the decision of the union relort to promulgate an Ordinance to uphold provisions of the Aagh of People Act,this blog examines the Ordinance making power of the Executive in India.

Rajya Sabha extends sitting hours, changes timing of Question Hour. Prachee Mishra – January 23, The 15th Lok Sabha recently concluded with the worst track record on a number of indicators.