But the crowning glory of Anubhava Mantapa was Allama Prabhu, the great sage for his allegoric vachanas, known as “beDagina vachana” in Kannada. In this vachana, Allama Prabhu mocks the mere mortals who are subdued by the.

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The biographical details of Allama Prabhu that can be historically verified are scanty, and much that is known about him is from hagiographic legends.

Archived from the original on 27 August These poems are known to cover an entire range, from devotion to final union with God. Some vachanas are extant.

Allegoric Vachanas of Allama Prabhu

Allama Prabhu propagated the unitary consciousness of Self and Shiva, [web 1] using poetry to express this unity. The poems give little information about Allama’s early life and worldly experiences before enlightenment.

Sharana names G, J. More than half of the poems dwell on the later phase sthala in the life of a saint, most are about union with god and of realization aikya. In the Tretayuga If the guru scolded and taught wisdom to the pupil I said it was great grace. Allama’s poetry and spirituality is “intensely personal and experimental,” [30] and the vachanas in general “bear [ Raayasada Manchannagala Punyastree Raayamma.


About 1, hymns are attributed to him.

Sharana names T, U. They were critics of social evils. Without the duality — mind and mere bone, For him who has merged his own Self with the Lord, All actions are actions of linga alone.

RpabhuGods, Heroes and their Story Tellers: Wherever one steps on earth is a pilgrim place [3]. Allama Prabhu married a dancer named Kamalathe, but she died prematurely.

Not much is known about his boyhood. The socio-religious movement they pioneered used poetry called Vachana Sahitya, lit, “Vachana literature” to criticise mere ritual worship and the caste-based society, and gave importance to moral values and love of mankind. So popular was the work, that the king had it translated into Tamil and Telugu languages.

Allama was devoted to the worship of Shiva. Where is the cuckoo, and where the mango tree?

Sharana names H, K. Yedemathada Nagidevayyagala Punyastree Masanamma. Other versions by Halage AryaSiddhalingayati and Siddaveerannodaya are considered refinements.

He becomes the president of Anubhavamantapa The Hall of Experience and leads all sharanas in their spiritual quest.

Allama Prabhu – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

He was a contemporary of the other famous Veerashaiva devotee-poets sharanasBasavanna and Akka Mahadevi. Lingayat- Shaivism of Hinduism [2]. Nandi Tantrism Jyotirlinga Shiva Temples. In the words of the scholar Ramanujan, to a saint like Allama, “the butterfly has no memory of the caterpillar”. With mind given rest from its usual toil, For him who has merged his own Self with the Lord, All kannadaa of attainment his knowledge be spoil. The alama is detached from the actions in this temporal world.


Allama Prabhu

His poems use the phrase “Lord of the caves” or “Guheswara” to refer to Shiva, and this practice states Subramanian is because Allama Prabhu received his enlightenment in a cave temple.

The Shoonya Sampadane is a result of this consolidation, which is “a far allamq from the socio-political pre-occupations of the twelfth-century movement. And yet they meet.

He describes the techniques of pranayama and kundalini yoga in the next few lines.