A Systems lithium ion rechargeable ALM 12V7 battery is based on proven ANR cells. The battery offers high power, long cycle and calendar life, and . They deliver higher power, increased safety and exceptional calendar and cycle life compared with lead acid. The ALM 12V7 features integrated safety systems. The ALM 12V7s HP (up to 45 A continuous charge/discharge) is the next generation of NEC Energy Solutions pioneering Advanced Lithium Module, now with.

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Transportation And Storage 15, meters. However, A M1 cells alk different and have been shown to not only survive being discharged to 0, but actually have a lower internal resistance afterward.

Electric Vehicle Discussion List – A ALM 12V7 Batteries now charging

For example, individual nicad cells will being run down to 0 volts. Since there is virtually no capacity left below 2 volts at any “sane” discharge rate is as good a place as any to switch off the output. Very well documented tests were performed and results presented on this list showing that LiFePO4 cells were not only unharmed by discharging a,m to zero volts, the internal resistance actually went down after discharging to zero volts, improving the specific power.

Troubleshooting Chapter 6 Troubleshooting And, what effect does it have on life xlm capacity?


But it is much harder to imagine a pack of series cells surviving it. I was the one that told them about the results presented on the EVDL.

I “collect” packs from various products to dissect and learn from.

A123 ALM 12V7 Batteries now charging

The typical BMS in a well-designed commercial product has very low continuos operating currents. In general, Li-ion cells suffer irreversible chemical damage if their OCV drops below a give threshold 1. But we really don’t know if that was the case or not. Start of add to list layer.

Stop pretending that anyone who asks for evidence automatically knows nothing. Regardless, all cells will be very badly damaged by reverse voltage. Multiple-address or CCed messages may be rejected. ASystems has done extensive testing as well. All other best offers will be declined!!!! I would like to know what effect on capacity, cycle life, etc. New other see details: The current draw from the glove box light was likely tiny at the end of the discharge.

127v know you believe it, based on data you have seen.

Note that a cell can be below that limit under heavy load, as long as it then snaps back to an OCV above 1. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Did its BMS kill the cells?

Just any design that uses power from a series string of cells to power the BMS. The latter has real numbers, and sufficient information so one could duplicate the test to verify the results. I don’t have much luck getting hold of engineers at A In reply to this post by Lee Hart Lee, you are applying you many years of battery experience from other chemistries mistakenly to LiFePO4. If you don’t know, just say 12f7.


Even a tiny BMS load or simply self slm will bring a 2 volt cell down to zero volts much more quickly than this might occur in other battery chemistries.

Weigh less than half of comparable lead acid batteries. I couldn’t find anything. That is the point of my question. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, because Phoenix Contact’s own charger doesn’t turn it 127. True fact, even though it is completely counter-intuitive.

A glove box light draws about ma at 12v.

NEC A Systems Recargable LION Battery ALM 12V7 12vdc Ah (sold in lot of 2) | eBay

In reply to this post by Bill Dube Bill Dube wrote: The item may be missing its original packaging, or the lam packaging has been opened or is no longer sealed. Thus, the cells will read over 3 volts for years. Most lithium chemistries, and in fact most chemistries where the electrolyte is not directly involved like it is for lead-acid.