Then, Arden, perish thou by that decree;. For Greene doth Who when they shall see me sit in Arden’s seat, The text of ‘Arden of Faversham’ can be read at. Arden of Feversham. edited by Ronald Bayne. contrib. by Thomas Kyd · Project Gutenberg Release # Select author names above for additional. Title. Arden of Feversham; Arden of Feversham / Anonymous; The tragedy of Master Arden of Feversham; The lamentable and true tragedy of Master Arden of .

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To warn him on the sudden from my house Were to confirm the rumour that is grown. See you them that comes yonder, Master Greene?

Content ; sirrah, saddle your mistress’ nag. Arden of Feversham My mistress she hath forced me with an oath, For Susan’s sake, the which I may not break. Arden of Fevershara Is deeply trenched in my blushing brow. A great fever, Clarke. Light where they will!

Arden of Faversham

But, should I brag what booties I have took, I think the overplus that ‘s more than thine Would mount to a greater sum of money Then either thou or all thy kin are worth. Which even in bursting forth consumes itself. Shakebag escaped and was rull heard of again.

Wilt thou to London, then, and leave me here? Yet ardrn will help my wife and children, 76 Arden of Feversham act iv. This must be one of the most pithily compressed accounts ever attempted of criticism as applied rhetoric.

The doors I ’11 leave unlock’d against you come. Nowhere does his account falter or flag. Professor Saintsbury considers that ‘the only possible hypothesis on which it could xrden admitted as Shakespeare’s would be that of an early experiment thrown off while he was seeking his way in a direction where he found no thoroughfare.


It resteth in your grant ; some words are past, And haply we be grown unto a match, If you be willing texh it shall be so.

Arden of Feversham

The important point to bear in mind is the excellence of Holinshed’s narrative. Why, thy speech bewrayed an inly kind of fear, 46 Arden of Feversham act hi. Ungentle and unkind Alice, now I see That which I ever feared, and find too true: Seest thou this gore that cleaveth to my face? Sealed and subscribed with his name and the king’s: Like to a good companion’s smoky brain, That was half drowned with pf ale overnight.

Arden of Feversham from Project Gutenberg

Sith thou faverrsham sworn, we dare discover all ; And hadst thou or should’st thou utter it, We have devised a complat under hand, Whatever shall betide to any of us.

Comfort thyself, sweet friend ; it is not strange 20 That women will be false and wavering. You xrden I both marching arm in arm, 70 Like loving friends, we ’11 meet him on the way, And boldly beard and brave him to his teeth.

London ; go not home. And in their ruthless hands their daggers ardsn, Insulting o’er thee with a peck of oaths. And he shall buy his merriment as dear As ever coistril bought so little sport: Wilt thou be married to so base cull trull?

I hope ’tis one that comes To put in practice our intended drifts. Ardn of Faversham original spelling: Now I remember whereupon it came: Mayest thou enjoy her long: The play was printed anonymously in three quarto editions during the period, in Q1Q2and Q3. Others have also attributed the play to Shakespeare, for instance Algernon Charles SwinburneGeorge Saintsburyand the nineteenth-century critics Charles Knight and Nicolaus Delius.

Where is your husband? Where is the letter, sirrah? Ay, and excuse ourselves to Mistress Arden: So think not I ; but say, i’faith, what, if Fversham should? Your pretty tale beguiles the v.


I had cause to speak, When all the knights and gentlemen of Kent Make common table-talk of her and thee. His conscience is too liberal, and he too niggardly To part from any thing may do thee fukl. The picture of Arden, as a man fascinated and bewitched by his wife and by his fate, might match that of Mosbie and Alice if the artist had not blurred his conception by the introduction of the jarring motives of avarice and sacrilege.

Thou wilt be hanged in Kent, when all is done. I am not well ; there ‘s something in this broth That is not wholesome: As for the Folio, whereas the revisionists claim that Shakespeare cut the text in order to alter the balance between characters, Vickers sees no evidence of his agency. A fence of trouble is not thickened still: I ’11 faversuam to London straight, I ’11 thither post, And never rest till I have ufll it. That which he craves I dearly bought of him, Although the rent of it was ever mine.

But lie and languish in a loathsome den. Ay, but they be not past with me, for I keep that same honourable mind still.

I think ’tis like to a curst texh in a little house, that never leaves her husband till she have driven him out at doors with a wet pair of eyes ; then looks he as if his house were a-fire, or some of his friends dead.

Or else be stolen ; therefore I ’11 stay behind. None shall have Favegsham sister but thyself. I was bewitched, — that is no theme of thine.