Audio files from CD 1. Unit 1. Ex. (Intro) Audio Player. Unit 1. Ex. Das Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch (Kapitel 6–10) zu Aspekte neu B1 plus. ermöglicht modularen Lehrbuch: CD 1, Kapitel 4 – Hördateien Download (ZIP 12,9 . Jan. Aspekte 1 (B1+) B1 Plus. Zu jedem Kapitel gibt es auf der DVD eine Filmsequenz und im Anschluss an das jeweilige Lehrbuch-Kapitel dazu.

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Textbook B1 Plus pages Workbook B1 Plus pages Audio CDs B1 Plus minutes Textbook B2 pages Audio CDs B2 minutes Intensive Trainer B2 96 pages Textbook C1 pages Audio CDs C1 minutes DVD for Textbook C1 minutes Material is placed in context through various topics which are viewed from different angles via interactive exercises, various text forms, and interviews.

At the core of this program is a DVD which features authentic clips from German TV and serves as a springboard for the various exercises and lehgerhandbuch in each chapter.

  AR 700-93 PDF

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Aspekte B1 Lehrbuch Download | revolutiongratis

Liebe Kunden, bitte beachten Sie folgenden Hinweis: Aufgrund der Feiertage und der Jahresinventur liefern wir Ihre Bestellung erst ab dem Please enable JavaScript to use all features of our website. About Contact Store Catalog. K Higher Ed Extras. Add to cart Added to cart View your cart.

Out of print, limited quantity available. Structure The chapters have a modular structure.

It enables the instructor to teach the material either in linear or non-sequential order. Content and grammatical structures are clearly outlined at the beginning of each chapter for easy access and convenient overview.

The workbook contains additional exercises as well as tools for self-evaluation. The DVD advances the listening comprehension skills via short sequences which are linked to photo-prompts and exercises in the textbook. Content Topics are introduced in 10 chapters under various aspects. Review of previously learned aslekte and concepts is emphasized.


Aspekte neu B1 plus

It prepares the learner for reading longer authentic German texts. Photos and visual materials at the beginning of each chapter facilitate the entry into the new topic. Each module presents and practices effective learning strategies for all four skills. New vocabulary is introduced in meaningful and engaging contexts which stimulate discussion.

The DVD heightens the interest via culturally authentic material. An examination chapter with sample DVD is available upon request. Follow Klett USA on:.