ASTM D Test Method for Sampling Natural Gas Gives methods for sampling of natural gas, containing different gases as contaminants such as natural. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering This method was issued as a joint ASTM-API standard in This standard has for sampling natural gas is described in Test Method D NOTE 3—The.

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Coke is produced during the heating of coal in the absence of air ; the process is called carbonization. The method can be used for a wide range of volatile and non-volatile materials where slightly greater differences in precision can be tolerated1. High ash content may give erroneously high values. The gross sample is crushed and mixed, and the total weight is re- duced to about Should be applicable for bulk samples of RDSF that have not been finely shredded.

Nitrogen dioxide is not produced at this high temperature. Results are usually re- ported on an “as received” basis or on a “dry” basis. Method specified by ASTM for testing of methyl alcohol. Varies with vapor pressure; is 0.

ASTM D2983 Lubricating Oils Lubricants Low-Temperature Brookfield Viscometer

Gas turbine fuels 4. The methods specified are shown in Table D-l. With regard to the other methods, no data were available indicating the preferred methods were applicable. Applicable for fuel oils, lube oils, and other liq- uids. Pyrolysis – coal is heated to induce carbonization and thermal crack- ing. Sulfur is determined gravl- metrically after filtration. Applicable to a wide vari- ety of substances, but par- ticularly to liquid hydro- carbon fuels of both low and high volatility.


Most methods were developed for petroleum and petroleum products. Their principal weakness may be that test sample sizes may be too small for RDSF that is not sufficiently homo- geneous resulting in erratic results on replicate samples.

Equivalent information for these two parameters is given in Table VII Compositional analysis of the heavier petroleum fractions e. An air-dried sample is sepa- rated into four designated fractions by means of an 8- mesh and a mesh sieve.

ASTM-D | Test Method for Sampling Natural Gas (Withdrawn ) | Document Center, Inc.

These classes are further broken down into sub-groups based on the limits of fixed carbon, volatile matter, and cal- orific value. A ml sample of LPG is weathered in a ml centri- fuge tube. Chlorides are likely to be present when methyl fuel is shipped by ocean-going tankers. See Reference 1 for other points. Refuse-Derived Solid Fuels 75 B. See Reference til for other points. The analytical techniques for coke are almost identical to those for coal which are listed in Table VI Applicable for determina- tion of free water and water of hydration in liq- uid organic compounds plus other types of compounds over a wide concentration range.

Approval does not signify that the contents necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Government, nor does mention of trade names or commercial products constitute endorsement or recommendation for use. Table VII-1 gives a summary listing of the fuel analyses that are impor- tant for RDSF combustion, along with an identification of the preferred method of analysis and other information relating to the analyses.

Test tem- perature should be specified by parties concerned. These studies relate to EPA’s mission to protect the public health and welfare from adverse effects of pollutants associated with energy systems. The ash content must be corrected for sample moisture, if a pre-dried sample is not used. Applicable to water and wastewater. Milled Peat A sample of garden-grade peat was obtained from a commercial source in March, The increments must be distributed throughout the lot to be sampled.


Submission of portions of appropriate reference materials as part of a sample set can also constitute a type of quality assurance program on analyses being per- formed.

Nitrogen dioxide is produced, introducing an error in the carbon determination. The tempera- ture of the air is then related to the calorific value. Refuse-Derived Solid Fuels Refuse-derived solid fuels RDSF are taken here to primarily include pro- cessed municipal refuse; the processing may include magnetic separation, shredding, air classification, chemical treatment, milling or other such processes.

This is also a modified Kjeldahl method, but is only intended for use when nitrogen is present from 0.

Technical Manual for the Analysis of Fuels

Those likely to be required include trace elements asrm the fuel and in the ash, characterization of organic compounds present, and possi- bly, fuel-stability tests. Work in progress at Arthur D. No attempt was made – in the preparation of this manual – to review all available methods because of limitations on time and funds. Dissolution – coal is liquefied by an extractive process, usually through the agency of a solvent.