Buddhist forum about the Dhamma of Theravāda Buddhism. A discussion on all aspects of Theravāda Buddhism. Atanatiya Sutta. Dear Venerables, I read the Atanatiya sutta today. In it a Yakka asks the Buddha whether he can teach the Buddha a chant to protect his. Kumpulan Paritta – Paritta Suci Sang Buddha, Appasannehi nāthassa, sāsane sādhusammate; amanussehi candehi, sadā kibbisakāribhi.

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And four atnatiya kings, the guardian spirits of four quarters in the celestial regions, came to tell the Buddha that there were many demons in the land who neither believing in the Buddha nor abiding by the Five Precepts, frightened and attacked the disciple-monks and lay devotees who retire to lonely places for meditation.

The Lord Buddha gave consent by his silence to approve the recitation of the said discourse. Could you please elucidate the authenticity of this sutta?

These four great kings are famous guardian spirits of the world. When the night had passed the Buddha addressed the monks to learn the Atanata paritta by heart, to constantly use of it, and to bear it in mind.

They all are endowed with immense radiation light, of almighty power, of infinite wisdom, and of immutable strength. Homage also to Kassapa Buddha, who had been emancipated from all defilements. Atanatiya Paritta in Burmese Myanmar.

Then the four great kings departed. May you be emancipated from all diseases. Katharagama and Saman Devas are conventional Devas. Authenticity of Atanatiya sutta Discussion.

Dhamma Wheel

Homage to Konagamana Buddha, who had abandoned all evils and lived the holy life. In the western region there are great powerful dragon snakes nagas. These persons never slander; but they are noble, and free from fear. Therefore from this time forward do you show goodwill to the four royal races. Many people do not know the content of the Sutta but there are may folk stories around it.



When it comes to paritta chants I have as well experienced things which make me understand the place and relevance of it as a tool to deal with challenges of the contemplative life.

I worship these Tathagatas by means of Word and thought, always; even when I am lying, sitting, standing or walking. Dear Ajhan Sujato, Thanks. If yakkas and devas are humans, deva loka must be manussa loka. May you be free from all scorching worries. The collection into the Pali nikayas and the agama sets occur after these corruptions had already occured. The Deva Realm – These are beings made of fine matter.

The divergence between sects occur after several decades of common development during which introduction of new atanatiyaa has occured either as whole new suttas or adding material to original suttas.

Same applies to the protective tattoos in Thailand Mahasamaya sutta cannot be considered as a later development since it has many parallel versions atanatiyya the Chinese agamas etc…But they contain traces of peculiar stuff that cannot be considered as budda vacana. This Atanata paritta pertains to the welfare of mankind and by virtue of it all the disciples and lay devotees can live at ease, guarded, protected and unharmed.

I think this might be a distinguishing feature. Dear Ajhan Sujato, What criteria do you sktta to determine the authenticity of a sutta and how do they apply to the Atanatiya sutta? The Buddhas, the Peace-makers may always protect you to be happy. In it a Yakka asks the Buddha whether he can teach the Buddha a chant to protect his disciples from yakkas, and the Buddha consents in silence. All these Buddhas, are noble sages, who shine with the surrounding halo of about the length of one stretched-arm.


All these Buddhas admitted to be ‘the knowers of supreme state of Enlightenment. Users browsing this forum: In order that the hostile inhuman beings, who are always evil-doers and who do not have faith in this well-esteemed religion of the Lord Buddha. I have to admit that I have never taken the trouble to learn it.

Atanatiya Sutta – Dhamma Wheel

They are born with thirty two major characteristics and eighty minor characteristics of the great man. By the power of their truth, virtue, patience, loving kindness and might, they may also protect us to be healthy and happy. In the southern region, there are great powerful gods devas They may also protect us to be healthy and happy. The picture below depict the tribe with 3 references from the Tripitaka, Mahavamsa and Lankavatara Suthra.

The name of Atanatiya Sutaa is very popular in Sri Lanka. So Atanaitya Vessavanna recited this paritta sutta. In the northern region there are great powerful ogres genii yakkhas. It would be impossible to find any sutta which was completely devoid of any evidence, but on balance this sutta seems to be non-EBT.

To Listen in Myanmar Pali. Mosquito repellent was not mentioned by the Buddha, nor was pepper spray! I read the Atanatiya sutta today.

So what is the real story?