Worr Game Products Autococker Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Worr Machine Gun Manual · Worr Game Products Superstock Gun Diagram · Worr Game. Does anyone know where I can get/view the autococker sr manual?. Owners manuals for the Worr games Products (WGP) autocockers.

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Gas leaks down the barrel a. Now pull the Upper Panel Retaining Ring up and off. Once the ramp start setting has been achieved, the marker will ramp up to the maximum feed rate of the loader or the maximum rate of fire setting, whichever is lower. For example at 15 BPS, your marker should fire with a very good stream using a Vlocity loader.

WGP Autococker SR Paintball Marker

Sig Sauer Airsoft Guns. Dye Paintball Gear Bags and Packs. Once the solenoid is energized, the sear will trip the hammer sending it forward and firing the marker. CPF turned off 2. HP regulator is not set up correctly. Check loader and breech for foreign matter. Petroleum jelly, 3 in 1 oil and lithium grease.


Settings 2 through 10 set the percentage of the firing cycle that must pass before shots may be buffered: For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic.

Autococker SR Manual –

Disconnect macroline hose see instructions above. Bolt installed upside down. Figure 17 Remove cover by pulling out. Pneumatic solenoid removal and adjustment should only be done if air is leaking from the gasket.

Autococker SR Manual

Cup seal not seated correctly. To remove and replace ram shaft o-ring, remove ram housing. The default is 4 ms. Airsoft Grenades, Launchers, Land Mines. Some users prefer having the clamp at the front depending on their hopper.

wr Ergonomic grip frame assembly 3. OFF — This mode will fire the marker much faster and is not recommend when shooting paintball because you may chop and break a ball. Before any disassembly, confirm marker is OFF and degassed properly.

Empire Paintball Gear Bags and Packs. If not using force fed loaders, it may be necessary to increase this setting to prevent chopping. Debris and dirt can enter the lower tube and contaminate the hammer and slow down the movement.


Dual Illuminated 1″ Scopes. Setting 1 turns the CPF off, allowing buffered shots at any point in the firing cycle. Users should be aware that low debounce settings may cause the marker to read switch bounce as additional pulls, falsely generating shots or near full-automatic fire.

Shopping Cart Secured by. Remove the barrel sock and then remove the barrel. Valken Paintball Protection and Pads. Mode 12 is the normal full-automatic fire mode. If there is not enough pressure to the ram, the marker may re-cock but not fully and completely. Starting at debounceraise the debounce setting a notch at a time until excessive trigger bounce goes away.

Ram removal and cleaning should not be done if user is unfamiliar with marker assembly. Watch time ms for Vlocity or ms for gravity feed 3.

When the hammer is forward, it will push the valve slightly, and hold it open.