Buy Beware of Boys (Picture Puffin) New Ed by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Buy Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Once again, the wolf gets the worst of it: the boy he brings home for dinner tempts him with a recipe for “Boy Soup,” but first the wolf must.

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The boy happily bikes home to his mother, wher When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! Soon the greedy wolf is running round trying to find all the ingredients – with hilarious results. This book can also be linked to Literacy; the children can create a recipe to use instructional language and use the recipes in the book as example.

Upon returning to his cave and the boy, the boy tells the wolf that he has forgotten the salt, an ingredient that was never mentioned.

This very humorous book is about a young boy who gets captured by a ‘big, bad’, hungry wolf as he walks through the forest. It can also be used in a guided reading session, given that there are quite a few repetition words involved. The boy cleverly manages to trick the wolf into not eating him by suggesting new and exciting recipes for the wolf to try. This can be used to build a description on the wolf which can be used to demonstrate the story to the children.

Jun 07, Christian rated it really liked it.

boyss For the visual learners in the class this book will be enthralling as the pictures are wonderfully presented. Not only has his dinner arrived but bos boy himself suggests the most mouth-wateringly, tasty recipe the wolf has ever heard. But Beware of boys by Tony Blundell This book is hilarious and very engaging. This book could be voys between both Key Stages 1 and 2; in Key Stage 1 it would be beneficial for the children if this book is read to the children by an adult due to some of the sayings, puns and language, this will ensure that the children will be able to identify that the text has a variety of language styles and could help them comprehend them.


The story uses the conventions of a fairy tale with a twist, in that it all ends on a ‘happily ever after’ note and uses key concepts such as repetition. I particularly enjoyed reading the recipes for each dish and wondering why some none cooking ingredients were required.

It would be a good book to read for reception and KS1 to the whole class. This can be used several ways in the classroom, as part of independent reading, or used as part of guided reading to develop comprehension.

For example, if other, familiar fairy tale characters were put in this story, how might they react differently and how might the blundel, change or develop differently.

BEWARE OF BOYS by Tony Blundell , Tony Blundell | Kirkus Reviews

The wolf collects all the ingredients for boy pie but once again he forgets the salt. It can also link to maths, looking at different types of measurement and how much of each. The book reinforces prior knowledge of books with similar characters to the wolf from previous books children have read.

They will like the fact that the young boy is clever and able to mock the wolf. The story ends with the wolf locked in his own cave by the cunning boy.

Different styles of punctuation, such blunsell ellipses, boyd also used in the story, which the teacher can point out to the pupils.

I think for guided reading purposes as well as whole class reading, this book would be highly recommended, however I think in the guided reading context, it would be best suited to high-reading ability year 2 pupils to low-reading ability year 4 pupils.

As expected, the wolf returns to the boy only to discover that he has forgotten the salt. Oct 10, Aaron Campling rated it really liked it. This book can be best described as an adventure story in which a boy roams into a forest, only to come across a Wolf. The book can also be split in three parts, before each ingredients where the children can predict what would happen next. The story is wonderfully illustrated, humorous, and a fantastic read for all primary age ranges and mixed abilities.


Oct 02, Charlotte Peters rated it really liked it. It can link into list writing, recipe writing and method writing; all these different areas within the story. The boy outwits him by giving him several recipes, first for boy pie, then boy cake, then boy soup. Beware of boys is a fantastic book about a boy who bedare kidnapped by a wolf in the woods.

Beware of Boys : Tony Blundell :

Soon the greedy wolf is running round trying to find all the ingredients – with hilarious results! The book focuses on their developing relationship and the interactions between them. This could lead to a PSHE session on bullying not always being physical, that it can also be through manipulation or taking advantage of people.

Children can discuss the language used and the use of repetition and ov effect it has.

He does this by persuading the wolf to collect ingredients for a number of boy recipes, with each recipe the wolf gets more tired and this both buys the boy time, but also lets kf plan his escape. This book is not the greatest fairytale I’ve ever read nor is it the worst. By this time the wolf is tired, hungry and frustrated but the boy vlundell another recipe for boy cake and the list of things he will need to make boy cake.

Beware of Boys

The story ends with the wolf being exhausted from all the errands that his ingredients eventually leave him injured and hungrier before whereas the boy escapes unharmed and makes blindell way home, even bringing daffodils to his mother. Taking the story neware, children can discuss the moral behind the story and the real victim.

This book can be best described as an adventur This book is not the greatest fairytale I’ve ever read nor is it the worst.