Tamas by Bhisham Sahni is a novel about the riots in Pakistan preceding the Partition of India. Based on Sahni’s first-hand experience, Tamas (Hindi for. Tamas By Bhisham Sahni Online. Book Details: Language: English Published Original Language Unknown, Edition: 1, Isbn: , Tamas [Bhisham Sahni] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tamas is a book by Bhisham Sahni that depicts the communal violence that took .

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Only, next time, I’d rather read it in Hindi – the English translation is often clumsy, and not effective. Kohli Saheb, please show your pajama cord.

I do not think it is a very good piece of yamas, but Tamas should be read and studied by anyone who wants to explore a perspective on the partition other than a British one. The story captures the four days of violence through the eyes of different characters in the book and the horrifying experiences of people. There was no need to ask a general reader if he had read this or that writing by Bhisham.


The darkness gradually grew thinner and thinner. She knew that her husband would now launch forth into a detailed description of the place, bringing out its historical importance. At the instance of Vanprasthiji they had demoted the traditional arti from its honoured position, for he had taken exception to some passages in it in the same way he had had earlier objections to a devotional song by one Khannaji.

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They all started laughing. Murad Ali was still there, intently following the arguments between the two contending panics. By the side of the table stood a pipe stand, holding seven or eight pipes. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It was first shown on India’s national broadcaster Doordarshan as a mini-series and later as a one-off four-hour-long feature film.

Kashmirilal and Shanker were removing slush and filth from the drains. Many of his books have been translated into various languages. Nearby, two children sat beside the trough, facing each other, relieving themselves. That was a period of intense turmoil — people sacrificing their lives for the freedom of the country, people dying fighting. Tomorrow when the Purbia swineherd passed that way and saw the garbage scattered all over the place, he would at once guess that his pig must be loitering somewhere in the vicinity and it would take him no time to locate the hbisham and chase it back to the piggery.

People do run when in a hurry, but there was sahji unusual in the way this youth had come up. Singing in a low voice, he would pass through the city lanes, never missing the days of Ramzan when devout Muslims kept fasts. Only the Provincial Committee has the right to do so at the recommendation of the District Committee. How bhishak we allow xahni to sweep our houses? Bakshiji, get him a red crest. The Hindus generally have a tuft on their heads. In Augustit was shown on History TV18 as a series.

As the superstition went this was sure to bring rain. The spirit of Lagaan.

तमस [Tamas]

He considered it beneath him to bandy words with persons like Shankerlal. The pig’s small eyes glittered ramas hate; it seemed to be getting desperate, it was already past two. A Muslim’s food habits are also different.


Of course, the government is always there to help. Come to the point. There are ways and ways of doing things. Fanatic is a name of such ill repute, exactly because one who deserves to be so called injures good causes by refusing timely and harmless concession; by irritating prejudices that a wiser way of urging his own opinion might have turned aside; by making no allowances, respecting no motives, and recognizing none of those qualifying principles that are nothing less than necessary to make his own principle true and fitting in a given society.

Tamas won the Sahitya Akademi Award for literature and was later made into a television film in by Govind Nihalani. The entire story is so smartly written, which almost never gives out the name of the place it all is happening as well as the time it is actually taking place.

But when Richard was talking about something he loved he became almost obsessive about it. What else am I doing? Seeing them, he quickened his pace.

Nathu was extremely upset. Thereafter, he left Bombay for Punjab where he worked briefly as a lecturer, first in a college at Ambala and then at Khalsa College, Amritsar.