Bob Boyce HHO Generator. likes · 2 talking about this. Not all hydrogen generators are created equal! The Bob Boyce B3 design is built on over Water is life, and so much more. So, why all of the excitment about common H2O ? Water is a glue that bonds all of life on earth together. Without it, we would not. 1 of a 6 part YouTube video series on Bob Boyce’s new cell design. That’s a lot of HHO in the space most guys are only getting LPM.

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The special circuits use 3 frequencies output through a toroidal coil.

BOB BOYCE new small cell 8 LPM

The full system cell, PWM, refill canister, etc. Bob actually talked to the gentlemen on the phone, he said he was so rude and so down playing that he hung up on him. Overheating will cause them to get a hairline crack in the body of the ceramic. EE’s are puzzled at Bob’s project and say therefore it won’t work. Pit a dab of liquid flux on the just tinned pad also touch some to the end of the capacitor.

Build a Wood Tree Stand. High voltage and Frequency Harmonics are used to break bohce bonds of water into hydrogen and oxygen. The PWM3G is given away to the public minus no schematic the Hex Controller is Bob’s baby and only given away to friends that he trusts.

The following diagram is of Bob’s basic set up less the capacitor he mentions. Bob uses about 2 volts per cell. The idea of using the TPS to regulate the volume of gas to the engine isnt going to work. HUGE output, over 6L. What in the hell is the purpose of all his talk? Is there any video proof?


Bob Boyce® B2-B4 Cells

PWM3f pcb board parts layout. We need to current to flowing around each plate so it can energize the surface of the plate, bbo cross the water.

You have to give him credit. Toroid iron core and wire kit Now comes with 2 spools for easier winding and 3 – 1. Then the cell won’t receive an electrical signal and produce HHO until there is engine vacuum. Version “G” boards For larger hgo click on pcb board. This is a standard procedure today.

In order to do so, we need to pay attention to the efficiency factors.

Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

He is not totally in it for the money? Also read the Chris Patton interview on Bob B, a few years back on youtube. Amazing research and diagrams. That is a huge accomplishment, and what we all need to understand to make HHO systems that work reliably on any vehicle. As far as running a race engine totally with on demand HHO and no gas at all I’m still not sure I believe that one.

Absolutely FREE to read. I certainly have not been hhho to find any in the last 7 years botce research. Lets promise them the world and we will deal with the problems later.

Science believes in one type of hydrogen gas. It’s 5N2 like the one I’m now building. He knows HHO and how to make it efficiently better than most. I’d say he is taking HHO to the next level and I say hat’s off Written with Bob’s approval and permission.

As tiny as these devices are you might not even realize this has occurred without a microscope. Apply heat to the circuit board solder pad and hold the capacitor with tweezers letting it attach itself to the wet metallic solder.


Plate Preparation and Conditioning. After soldering use some isopropyl alcohol and a small brush to clean off any remaining flux from the capacitor and the solder pads.

Bob Boyce is said to be outstanding in this field. He even handles them. He is totally in it for the money! I imagine multitudes of individuals have tried to duplicate his plans by now. You might want to use tweezers to hold the tiny device and first melt some solder on the gob pad of the circuit board.

The number of cells needed in the electrolyzer depends on the electrical DC voltage supply that is boyyce on board the vehicle. Be bov of the new future in the Free Energy Revolution. If you are doing hand soldering work, it is very easy to overheat those tiny devices with a hot soldering iron. A few individuals make the circuit for you, but, you must make the toroid yourself – that is to say – you must wind it yourself. All FREE to download too. Alot of Bob’s information is classied info.

The cells Bob builds are boh cheap. Web Author, daddyo The information presented on this web site is for information purposes only.

The link below is to part 1 of a 6 part YouTube video series on Bob Boyce’s new cell design.