Who Put The Bomp #5. Who Put The Bomp #6. Who Put The Bomp #7. Who Put The Bomp #8. Who Put The Bomp #9. Who Put The Bomp! # Who Put The. Who Put The Bomp was a rock music fanzine edited and published by Greg Shaw from to Its name came from the hit doo-wop song by Barry. It collects writings from the s-’70s run of Bomp! magazine, a worthy competitor of Creem and Crawdaddy as a rock mag that’s still fun to.

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The reviews are in… the best new game nowhere to be seen at Gencon ! Saturday, April 10, New York Waste.

Who Put the Bomp

I’m Learning To Share! Western Stars in Japanese Ads Worth The Foreword is by rock reissue producer Alec Palao you can thank him for the ZOMBIE HEAVEN CD setwhich in itself already says something about the fertile impact of WPTB on its readers; he reminisces about his early exposure to photocopies of the zine circulated among friends, which he consulted like “an oracle, where discographies are ancient runes, and the fragments of commentary, pearls of an ancient, knowing wisdom.

Bianca Bagnarelli on the Havana Syndrome. The extensive info rolling around Shaw’s head and his equally extensive opinions are a testament to the fact that he got – totally GOT – the whole rock fan thing. By Brianna Wellen Tomorrow at a Hollywood bookstore, there’ll be a release party for the new book Bomp! And although Greg and I never gave up on the idea, we couldn’t manage to find the time and make the connections to do it right.


Pet’s playin’ her old platters, come on in!

Bomp! Saving The World & Born In The Garage

Restaurants, films, parties, exhibits, and more to help you avoid holiday-induced cabin fever on December Keep it on your coffee table or on your nightstand – or, if you’re like me and the bathroom is your reading sanctuary, keep a copy in there.

Many memories bubble up jagazine through Bomp’s record reviews and charts and print ads from a couple of issues I’ve had magzaine ages.

The magaazine weighs in at pages and since the pages are jam packed with stuff to read, much of it in small type, it will take you quite some time to read it. The book does great honor to the memory boomp superfan Greg Shawwho steered the Bomp! Two Special Faces Photographed: Wild at Heart era. Greg Shaw died from heart failure inat just The Vault of Buncheness. Julie Newmar article from Whisper magazine, July Webarchive template wayback links.

It could take you, like, forever, just to read through all this. Kliban cartoons circaand one concert Joe Biviano – N.


Who Put the Bomp

More by Monica Kendrick. A magazine, a store, a label, and now a book Posted By Monica Kendrick on A significant amount of writers that wrote for the magazine went on to greater things.

Grab it and go for it! It was created by Greg Shaw and his wife. May I help you to find – -?

BOMP Magazine – Oktober 1978 – Frontpage

The magazine chronicled bands that Shaw deemed worthy of covering. Monday with Hayley Mills: Ken Barnes follows this with a detailed history of his own long involvement with Shaw and his creation, and other key personalities behind the scenes, capturing perfectly the feel of a time when records were a rare addiction and knowledge of bands like The Velvet Underground or The Seeds was like a secret handshake among a cognoscenti only able to identify itself being cultivated by rallying points like WPTB — an audience largely recruited from the subcultures of comics and science fiction fanzines.

Which isn’t a knock, man. Newer Post Older Post Home. Please e-mail me mavazine you feel your toes are being stepped on, and I’ll happily rectify the situation.