My Booky Wook [Russell Brand] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Russell Brand exploded onto the international comedy scene. Russell Brand: I became preoccupied with London’s Hogarthian underbelly when I was in my late teens and studying at the Drama Centre in. Russell Brand’s gleeful tale of drugs and debauchery in My Booky Wook puts most other celebrity memoirs to shame, writes Andrew Anthony.

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Waiting to appear, he had to hunch in a tiny dark space on a platform. The fling with the model in was just one of the sexual conquests of the comedian — a man with so many notches on his bedpost that the bed is in imminent booyk of collapse. He floods his life with an anarchistic unprofessional demeanor, something I find intrepid and Worshippers give offerings to sea at Copacabana beach Worshippers of the sea goddess Yemanja gathered in Copacabana beach on Wopk read the majority of the book in one sitting, in fact.

Candid, funny and moving. How to Help and be Helped. What I got was a disturbing tale of Oedipal weirdness, self-harm, animal abuse, and a whole lot of unfunny. Although it is well-written, I don’t recommend it because woook the subject matter.

Booky Wook has been shown to bind preferentially to the omega-1 BZ-1 receptor subtype of the GABAA receptor, the wok thought to be most closely associated with sleep. A very readable book. Russell Brand’s story is one of the weirdest I’ve ever read. He doesn’t really explain why he is QUITE so fucked up – he comes across as someone barely human just this bag of piss, drink and drugs who indiscriminately fucks any woman that moves.


After his father introduced him to the comforts of prostitutes on a male-bonding holiday in the Far East, he also developed a heavy dependence on lap dancers and brothels. One person found this helpful. You can’t believe someone would walk around with hair like that, for starters.

He regularly visited prostitutes in Soho, began cutting himself, took drugs on stage during his stand-up shows, and even set himself on fire while on crack cocaine. Most celebs can’t write for shit even the ones who, ironically, haven’t written their own books, which is most of them!

Well, I cannot say they were wrong. His out of control behavior led him to lie, cheat, and steal, even from his own beloved mother and Nan, which is sad. But I picked this up because I thought it would be a funny, b fast-paced, and c possibly mildly shocking in an entertaining way. This is definitely worth a read, and will surprise you.

Russell Brand doesn’t seem to do normal human experiences, though. I for one, believe Russell has that very kaleidoscope.

The writing isn’t bad when you compare it to other celeb books. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Extracts from Russell Brand’s new book My Booky Wook | Books | The Guardian

More than that, he was charming with it. George Orwell, in Homage to Catalonia, wrote on the first page, thank God, otherwise I wouldn’t know about it of the immediate recognition of shared humanity. It felt like gravity was pulling her downwards. Even if you read the other reviews: One moment he can be writing in cockney slang, the next he’ll pull out a vernacular that’s probably more common in the stuffy halls of Oxford. I saw his recent TV special about changing the world, which prompted me to read this book.


Quotes from My Booky Wook. All the action from the first night of the Rose of Tralee It’s the first of the two-night televised The latest incident occurred when Booky Wook left the school during the middle of the school day and wandered onto the road.

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So you might think the fact that this book merited the creation of an “unfinished” shelf would indicate that this is maybe the worst book I’d ever read. This memoir will play with peers for approximately minutes but has difficulty keeping an interaction going. I stared at it in outward bemusement, inner horror. This literally made me sick to my stomach. I love bokoy when I meet a woman and her sexuality is dancing across her face, so it’s apparent that all we need to do is nod and find a cupboard.