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Share on Track this topic Tukaf this topic. Oct 19 Show posts by this member only Post 1. Buyer and seller to discuss who will pay for inspection and change of ownership fees.

Request for a form at the counter. Proceed to JPJ for change of name request with geran and all the documents above. Fill form of new and old owners details. Obtain que number from front desk and proceed to counter for IC and thumbrpint verification for both blrang and old vehicle owner. If one party is out of state, they can go to their respective JPJ branch and complete the procedure seperately.

For those who cant go to jpj directly: Runner fees for inspection can range from rmrm, and change name rm For those who needs special request due to punched engine number, mounting modification, no approvla for sunroof etc or aka special case, you have no choice but to bare the fee’s of a runner borwng is going to cost definitely more than Rm for special case.

I even heard of Rm1k for this kind of situations. Prepare your geran, photocopy of IC buyer and seller and hand over to runner. He will also need the original signed copy of the forms mentioned above. However only certain branches can offer this services, so check at the link above or contact them. Yes this is true.

change car registration number

There have been changes to the rules If im not wrong about 2 years ago roughly Your car must be fully settled before you can sell it. This si to protect the interest of used car dealers, as these days we dont need them thanks to the internet. So the banks, will willingly approve loans without advising the buyer that the sellers car borahg be fully settled, so when the seller says he cant fully pay the loan, the buyer needs to pay a cancellation fee with the bank So its a win win situation.


Because you only have these options. Seller hires service of a used car dealer to do invoicing and used car will settle the bank loan for you.

Then process the sale, then the buyer’s bank releases the money to used car This fee can namaa between 2k-5kdepending on the loan outstanding amount. Option 2 Buyer cancels the loan due to seller unable to settle the car loan. It will be a long and annoying fight Option 3 Buyer and seller work out a deal to payoff the amount charged by used car for their fees. Once you apply and approved, they win.

Show posts by this member only Post 2. Buyer and seller to discuss who will pay for inspection and change of ownership fee’s. Request for form at the counter. Once done, print out chang of ownership form 2 copies or go to the nearest used car dealer and get the form from them.

One for buyer and one for seller.

Tukar Nama Geran Kenderaan

Show posts by this member only Post 3. Show posts by this member only Post 4. Where does the loan application prpcess fit in?: Show posts by this member only Post 5.

Show posts by this member only Post 6. Oct 20 Show posts by this member only Post 7. Show posts by this member only Post 8.

Show posts by this member only Post 9. Show posts by this member only Post Dec 6 According to JPJ regulations, the buyer is supposed to register his name as the new owner within 2 weeks.

How could a seller be assured that the vehicle that he has sold off has be transferred from his name to the buyer if he either sells then to 2nd hand car dealer or trade-in? Any mechanism to protect the Seller?

As we have been hearing lots of horror stories Dec 9 I’m helping my bro to sell his bike. But he’s currently in Penang. Then I will take the signed forms and go to JPJ with the buyer to do the name transfer. Is bodang above acceptable by JPJ? Dec 10 That should be the way to go around that. Happen to asked at JPJ last week about this.

Jan 9 How much is the door to door service provided by the so called touts nowadays? Read on the star that these touts caused normal people like us to wait for hours tikar Puspakom. Apr 15 I want to buy his car.


I am in perak. tukwr


So, he will need to go to puspakom in kl, get inspected. Then, he will need to go to jpj office, get the JPJK3 form, signed and thumbprinted. Also get his IC certified true copied.

Then, he will pass the forms, car registration card, certified true copy IC to the runner, ask the runner to drive the car up to perak. Is there any other way to ease the seller? Apr 16 Anyone can provide the estimated breakdown for everything to transfer the car ownership? I was quoted roughly all in by the SA who i got my car from. Jul 10 Here’s an update on the costs: These are all you need, no need to pay runner anything.

For the TM-AB, you can ask the seller to get it stamped by any commissioner of oath as well.

I just hope ppl search b4 asking again and again. Its a straight fail, you have to go off, remove all tint, come back again. Basically its just a ‘template’ for you to stick photocopy of IC on for the JPJ officer or commissioner of oath to stamp as certified true.

Don’t understand this, seller? Sorry, also don’t understand. If you’re talking about letter of indemnity, the buyer has to give to the seller. You also need to get their IC photocopy. This is to protect you. What are you thinking of doing? The procedure I mentioned is transfer of vehicle from individual to individual, private vehicle. Jul 19 Jul 20 Privately owned vehicle, commercial vehicle? If private individual to private individual, follow my instructions above.

Jul 21 But what is the procedure for foreigners who wants to buy a 2nd hand car in cash? So will it require valid passport and work permit here? Jul 23 Com Jul 21 If I am selling my car which is still under hire purchase, do I have to settle the outstanding first or there is other way which saves the hassle?