Success and failure of carnation crop depends upon the selection of cuttings for planting. The stem tip cuttings must be of good diameter and. Carnation Flower Growing: Introduction to Carnation Flower Growing: Carnations are great winter season flowers and they can be cultivated as cut flowers. This topic provides information about Carnation production practices. It is advisable to take up cultivation of several colours in a single polyhouse of carnation.

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Water stress and potassium deficiency are suspected causes for a physiological curly tip and die-back of carnation flowers. Finest grade carnations are made in areas having high light intensity through winter and at the same period, the temperatures during summer months are mild. Older leaves may display patches of chlorolic spots. Addition of sulphur or acid forming fertilizers will reduce the soil pH if it is on the higher side. The poles at both the ends of bed should be strong.

This method result in lower yields in first flush compared to single pinch method, it will result in more even and stable production over time follows pinching with spray of fungicides. The flowers can be stored for two to four weeks before marketing. Fusarium Stem rot and wilt: Post harvest Treatment Citric acid is added to water to make the pH 4.


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You need Cultivarion enabled to view it. The poles at the beginning and the end of each bed should be strong enough and be in cast concrete. B — Tank Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Malformed flower buds, short stems and excessive branching.

Carnation cultivation guide () – Agricultureguruji

EtnaKarma, Rony. Per m2 every day.

You may also like. The standard carnation has one big flower on a single stem.

For an optimum support, an increasing width of the meshes can be used. Throughly mix with the soil and water plant after 2 weeks.

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Blooms are worst affected resulting in poor quality. Carnatikn types are harvested when two flowers are open and the bud shows colour. CMV does not have any known rector and can be highly contagious. Manuring Neem cake 2. Metallic wire is tied around the bed along the length with the support from supporting poles.

Tips of the young shoots fail to separate and continuation of growth results in a characteristic curvature. The disease is normal under warm, humid conditions. Cultivtaion to submit article.

Carnation cultivation guide (2018)

Hence the crop needs support while growing. Support Material Carnation crop has the tendency to bend unless supported properly. Wilting of foliage, often only on a couple of branches followed by departure. Mono ammonium phosphate Raising too late enables the harvest to fall to one side.

  BS EN 934-2 PDF

Do not press the soil, because it may cause fusarium rot disease, which leads to the mortality of plants. The best EC during vegetative phase is 1.

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If possible, carnatoon the soil analyzed every Two or Three weeks to determine whether it is essential to alter the fertilization program. This method facilitates more rapid flowering but all stems flower at same time. The calyx may split down either half or completely.

There are generally two types of pinching used. The terminal cuttings of cm are treated with NAA at ppm for 5 minutes to cyltivation rooting. These cartons should have sufficient vent holes. Withering and yellowing of foliage, leaf death external browning of stems and internal browning at nods appear. Infection at night is vital for quality. Place the netting on the beds prior to planting. Crops Garlic Farming Guide October 12,