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Authorisation – 1 A supplier or a consumer, or the owner, agent or manager of a mine, or the agent of any company operating in an oil-field or the owner of a drilled well in an oil-field or a contractor for the time being under contract with a supplier or a consumer to carry out duties incidental to the generation, transformation, transmission, conversion, distribution or use of energy may authorise any person for the purpose of any or all of the following rules, namely – Sub-rule 2 of rule 36, clause a of sub-rule 1 of rule, 51, clause a of sub-rule 1 [and [clause e and f of sub-rule clause a of sub-rule 2 ] or Rule 64 sub-rule 2 of rulesub-rules 1 and 4 or rulessub-rule 4 of rulerule and sub-rule 8 of rule Provided that the provisions contained in this sub-rule shall have effect in respect of the person already authorised to operate or undertake maintenance of any part or whole of generating station as aforesaid from the date to be specified by the appropriate Government, but such a date shall not be later than a period of [6 years, 2 months from the date this rule comes into force.

Construction, installation, protection, operation and maintenance of electric supply lines and apparatus: Provided that where it is not possible to affix such notices on any generator, motor, transformer or other apparatus, they shall be affixed as near as possible thereto [or the word “danger” and the voltage of the apparatus concerned shall be permanently painted on it]: Provided further that where the generator, motor, transformer or other apparatus is within an enclosure, one notice affixed to the said enclosure shall be sufficient for the purposes of this rule.


TAMIL NADU Electrical Installation Engineers’ Association

Handling of electric supply lines and apparatus: Such tools and devices shall always be maintained in sound and efficient working conditions].

Precautions to be adopted by consumers, owners, [occupiers], electrical contractor, electrical workmen and suppliers: Provided that in the case of works executed for or on behalf of the central Government and in the case of installations in mines, oil-fields and railways, the Central Government and in other cases the State G overnment may, by notification in the Official Gazette, exempt, on such conditions as it may impose, any such work described therein either generally or in the case of any specified class of [consumer,Suppliers,Owners or Occupiers],from so much of this sub-rule as requires such work to be carried out by an electrical contractor licensed by the State Government in this behalf.

Installation and testing of generating units: Provided that no consumer or ruless shall commission his generating plant of a capacity exceeding 10KW without the approval in writing of the Inspector]. Precautions against leakage before connection: Compliance with rule shall be checked by measuring the insulation resistance as provided below.


Additional provisions for supply and use of cekg in multi-storeyed buildings more than 15 meters in height: All ducts provided for power cables and other service shall be provided with fire-barrier at each floor crossing. The supply of energy shall not be commenced by the supplier unless and until the Inspector is satisfied that the provisions of Rules 65 to 69 both inclusive have been complied with and the approval in writing of the Inspector has been obtained by him: Provided that the supplier may energize the aforesaid electric supply lines or apparatus for the purpose of tests specified in rule Provided that an Inspector may direct such owner to carry such tests as he deems necessary or, if he thinks fit, accept the manufacturer’s certified tests in respect of any particular apparatus in place of test required by this sub-rule.

Clearance from buildings of low and medium voltage lines and service lines: Clearance from buildings of high and extra-high voltage lines: Penalty for breach of rule 45 — Where any electrical installation work of the nature specified in sub rule 1 of rule 45 has been carried out otherwise than —.

The Consumer, Owner or occupier, the contractor If any or the person through whom the work is being carried out and the person under whose immediate supervision the work is being carried out, shall each be punishable with fine which may extend to Three Hundred Rupees.