Dąbrowski called his work the Theory of Positive Disintegration to reflect the central and positive role disintegration plays in development. He believed that some. Describes Kazimierz Dąbrowski’s theory of positive disintegration: A theory of personality development. The basic concepts of Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration. In W. Tillier ( Ed.), Perspectives on the self: Proceedings of the Second Biennial Conference.

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The transition from level II to level III involves a fundamental shift that requires a phenomenal amount of energy. Using a positive definition, mental health reflects more than social conformity: The resolution of this phase begins as individually chosen values begin to replace social mores that have been ingrained by rote and are integrated into a new hierarchy of personal values.

Emotion and cognition become integrated and dabrowzki reflected in a new approach to life — feelings direct and shape ideas, goals and ideals, one’s ideals work to express one’s feelings.

Often a person’s external focus shifts to ‘making the world a better place. Young people who are seen as “squares” because they prefer to study instead of partying are an example. The third factor is initially cisintegration when a person begins to resist their lower impulses and the habitual responses characteristic of socialization.

Positive disintegration

Personally, he was severely affected by both World Wars. A self-aware, self-chosen, self-affirmed, and self-determined unity of essential individual psychic qualities. Disintegraation is a treacherous scenario as without a balanced profile, the enhanced qualities may be used to pursue lower ends. Without intense and painful introspection and reflection, development is unlikely. These “new” values will increasingly be reflected in the person’s behaviour.


I don’t want to change. A vast majority of people either do not break down their primitive integration at all, or after a relatively short period of disintegration, usually experienced at the time of adolescence and early youth, end in a reintegration at the former level or in partial integration of some of the functions at slightly higher levels, without a transformation of the whole disintegratiin structure.

During development, the clash between one’s actual behavior and environment and one’s imagined ideals creates a great deal of internal conflict. The approach is called autopsychotherapy to emphasize the important role that the individual must play in his or her own therapy process and in the larger process of personality development. Psychological intensities in gifted adults. Third factor is important in creativity for two reasons: The resolution of this phase begins as individually chosen values are integrated into a “new” hierarchy of personal values.

During this phase, existential disintegrration is the predominant emotion. Journal of Advanced Academics.

Given their genuine authentic pro-social outlook, those individuals achieving higher development would also raise the level of their society. The character of Level II is reflected in its name: They cannot shut out the world’s achingly subtle, fleeting beauty or its inexplicable cruelty and suffering.

Positiev processes of inner psychic transformation gain in intensity and authenticity cf.

Positive disintegration – Wikipedia

In some cases, a person begins to notice and to imagine ‘higher possibilities’ in life. There are some major differences between these two ideas. Disintgeration several months her marks improved, although she lost confidence in some of her teachers.


Robopaths have what Kierkegaard called ‘sickness unto death'” Yablonsky,p.

A second primary focus is on education, and in particular, on the experience of creative or gifted students. Moreover it turned out that these children also showed sets of nervousness, neurosis, and psychoneurosis of various kinds and intensities, from light vegetative symptoms, or anxiety symptoms, to distinctly and highly intensive psychasthenic or hysterical sets” p.

During this phase, existential despair is the predominant emotion. Yablonsky says that robopaths are “socially dead” and function disintegrztion on ‘pseudo-image” they are egocentric and pisitive compassion for others.

Basic Concepts of Dąbrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration.

He believed that some individuals are predisposed to experience life more intensely and this predisposes them to frequent and severe crisis. As development proceeds, the environment shapes the person less while the person shapes the environment more. Advances in society, through politics, philosophy, and religion are therefore commonly associated with strong individual creativity or accomplishments.

The idealized self is consciously constructed based on both emotional and cognitive foundations. This perspective results from seeing life in relation to one’s hierarchy of values the multilevel view and the subsequent appreciation posifive the potential of how life could be, and ought to be, lived. The second factor externalizes values and morals, thereby externalizing conscience.