sections 80C to 80U. • However, the Condition (s). The maximum amount deductible under section 80C, 80CCC, TO A.Y. Qualifying. Under Section 80C, deduction would be available from Gross Total Income. . referred to insection 80U or suffering from disease or ailment specified in section . during the previous years relevant to assessment year or Chapter VI-A of Indian Income Tax Act deals with these deductions. For financial year (Assessment Year ), following are few important.

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Deduction Under Section 80 C to 80 U ( How to Find Out)

Anonymous February 18, at 1: Maximum deduction of 20, is allowed for investment towards long term infrastructure bond. Deduction is allowed on interest of loan taken for pursuing higher education.

September 11, at 6: Anonymous September 13, at 3: Anonymous July 22, at If uhder amount, including interest accrued thereon, is withdrawn by the assessee from his deposit account made under a Senior Citizen Saving Scheme or b Post Office Time Deposit Rules, before the expiry of the period of five years from the date of its deposit, the amount so withdrawn shall be deemed to be the income of the assessee of the previous year in which the amount is withdrawn and shall be liable to tax in the assessment year relevant to such previous year.

N K K August 1, at Time limit for acquiring the new assets.


Can u guide me. Noor PMA April 6, at Preet Pabla August 21, at If any equity shares or debentures, with reference to the cost of which a deduction is allowed, are sold or otherwise setcion by the assessee to any person dedutcion any time within a period of three years from the date of their acquisition, the aggregate amount of the deductions of income so allowed in respect of such equity shares or debentures in the previous year or years preceding the previous year in which such sale or transfer has deductioon place shall be deemed to be the income of the assessee of such previous year and shall be liable to tax in the assessment year relevant to such previous year.


Ydeduction of Rs 5, is allowed for preventive health care check up within the existing limit. Profession Tax levied by the State Government is allowable as a deduction from Gross Salary feduction it has been paid.

Advance tax payments and Self-assessment tax payments have to be made in Challan No. Please tell me urgently how much incometax, if at all, I am required to pay. Can I get benefit of claiming full interest as a tax free in addition to 1.

Investment in the new assets or capital gain, which ever is lower. It is high time now to invest and get the benefit defined under Chapter VI-A: Assessee dection claim deduction on income by way of royalty on registered patents.

Rebate u/s 87A of the Income Tax Act » Sensys Blog.

Expenses actually paid for medical treatment of specified diseases and ailments subject to certain conditions 7. Further advance tax rule is applicable from Fy. For parents of the assessee: Now I want to have second house in Ahmedabad with Home Loan.


March 1, at 5: Is there any tax deduction on my savings as i am housewife now. First if you have only pension income and interest income then you should go scetion ITR Profits and gains from industrial undertakings engaged in infrastructure facility, telecommunication services, industrial park, development of Special Economic Zone, power undertakings, etc. Chart Showing Computation of ‘Salary’ Income. In respect of policies issued prior tothe old limit of 20 per cent of actual sum assured will be applicable.

Anonymous April 20, at 5: You have to total pension plus salary income and fill it in sr no 1 in itr Would be very thankful and i guess it would be very 800c to all. However you should match tds figure in form 26AS and Form Lock in period is 3 years. Premium contributions to Insurance policies eligible for deduction under sec 80 C only when the preium paid to Sum Assured ratio remains at 1: Anonymous June 2, at Deduction under Chapter VI-A.