Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy has ratings and 26 reviews. Here Manuel DeLanda makes sense of Deleuze for both analytic and continental. Nov 24, Regardless, what Delanda has done in this “already classic” book (back cover blurb) is to develop a notion of individuation, the virtual, and the. Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy cuts to the heart of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and of today’s science the start of the 21st Century.

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Manuel de Landa, Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy – PhilPapers

Usually, I don’t pen reviews, but since this book, which I consider to be important in the field of Deleuze studies, hasn’t received any actual criticism but has had been discussed as an important artefact in the question of whether or not Deleuze and Guattari ought to be exonerated of the most heinous crime of employing a vocabulary that draws on a wide range of sources, among them how dare they!

In biological assembly mutations do not have to occur simultaneously in matching parts, channels, and procedures in order to yield a viable entity for natural selection.

Want to Read saving…. Such multiplicities of singularities are real insofar as they can be studied and have effects, but they are not actual because they are sience fulfilled by actual phenomena; hence, as DeLanda explains, multiplicities are virtual.

Rather, an ontology of the actual, virtual and intensity, constitute the explicity non-essentialist “nature” of being. On the one hand, this appears to be an exploration of Deleuze, to supplement his work. Lists with This Book. Winsberg – – University of Chicago Press. To some degree this can be thought of as just one aspect of Deleuze and Guattari, but it is one which readers of Deleuze and Guattari often miss because the methodology of their examination is so different form the analytic “pragmatism” with which science and philsophy are often presented.


Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. We have learned from QM [Quantum Mechanics] that every dynamical object has quantum properties, which can be captured by appropriately formulating its dynamical theory withing the general scheme of QM. And every intelligent lay person, too. One of the chief targets of a Deleuzian ontology is essentialism. Delanda tries to devalue the very idea of truth; importance and relevance are the key criteria for a Deleuzian epistemology; a problem is well-posed if it captures an objective distribution of the important and the unimportant, or more mathematically, of the singular and the ordinary 7.

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The Actualization of the Virtual in Space 3. A multiplicity, the author says, is: The best examples of intensive differences are the differences in temperature, pressure, speed, chemical concentration, color… 6.

The first chapter of this book is mandatory reading for understanding the mathematical concepts Deleuze uses.

Anv discussion of time and the interpretation of the laws of physics according to virtual philosophy are quite interesting. The forms are thus statistical results of the population individuating itself through differential rates of change: Afte Manuel De Landa b. DeLanda takes a paramount interest in ontology and relegates epistemology to just one chapter, which reflects DeLanda’s Deleuzian outlook.

Markus Gabriel, a new “Elend der Philosophie” povery of philosophy is a good example of what might happen if one pursues this line: This site uses cookies.

Intensive Science & Virtual Philosophy by Manuel De Landa

Multiplicities give form to processes, anx to products. DeLanda’s grasp of Post-Modern thought, Deleuze’s thought in particular and command of gradient screen diffusion and nonequillibrium thermodynamics makes Deleuze’s prescience palpable and thrilling.


Delandw Protevi – – Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 9 3: The interactions which organisms have with the organic and inorganic components of an ecosystem are typically of the intensive kind, an ecosystem being a complex assemblage of a large number of heterogeneous components: Roughly, multiplicities act through the attractions singularities exert. I really enjoyed this book. All this makes especially the first three chapters absolutely essential.

Pity he likes markets so much.

Intensive Science and Virtual Philosophy

Latour does “flat ontology” rather well, and so does Garcia, but looking at Harman, Imtensive am not entirely convinced this is the right way. This group is being led by the very competent biochem specialist, Andy; come check it out.

Libidinal Economy Jean-Francois Lyotard. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The norm of reaction replaces the idea of degrees of perfection with relations between rates of change.

Schizoanalytic Cartographies Felix Guattari. The section on intensive time was particularly interesting. In a way, Delanda actually violates some of Deleuzes aesthetics with this explanation by presenting a set view of philosophy and science as though there was a singular procedure by which Deleuze and Kntensive sought to illustrate. DeLanda translates Deleuze’s ideas into contemporary scientific and mathematical theory, showing how relevant Deleuze’s thought is regarding chaos and complexity theory, emergence, non-linear science, etc.

The problem with this position is that it falls into the same trap as essentialism.