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Continuous operations of a UASB reactor treating pulp wastewater with addition of waste starch PS reactor and a UASB reactor treating pulp ed with addition of incinerated ash PA reactorwere investigated at mesophilic conditions. This paper reports on the performance evaluation of an upflow anaerobic-aerobic reactor, filled with polyurethane matrices, for domestic sewage treatment.

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The production of small amounts of well-stabilized biological sludge is one of the main advantages of upflow anaerobic sludge bed UASB reactors over aerobic wastewater treatment systems. During the reactor operation, UASB sludge was continuously transferred from the UASB to a settler; concentrated sludge in the settler was then transferred to a. The classic model for non-competitive sulfide inhibition was applied to the experimental data for determining the overall kinetic parameter of specific substrate utilization q and the sulfide inhibition coefficient Ki.

However, the performance of UASB reactor is quite low for treatment of low strength wastewaters LSWs due to less biogas production leading to poor mixing.

Furthermore, or a combination of both? Decsdencia volatile fatty acids and biogas production was also found reduced. In this work, the effect of TiO 2 NPs on up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB microflora and their photocatalytic effect on dewatered sludge were studied. UASB -septic tank as an alternative for decentralized wastewater treatment in Mexico. The continuous experiments were carried out in a 30 cubic m UASB decavencia with digested sewage sludge from the municipal sewage treatment plant of Ede, The Netherlands Ede-2 sludgeused as seed.


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Anaerobic treatment of slaughterhouse waste using a granular sludge UASB reactor. L-1 para DBO5, a 2. Since this methodology has been shown to be inconsistent, as observed by several researchers, this work was carried out in order to propose a rational methodology to optimize the static reactors experimental data to obtain the design parameters of mechanized flocculation systems for water treatment plants.

Continuous anaerobic digestion of stillage was performed in an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactor at 55 C with 2 days hydraulic retention time. Start up study of UASB reactor treating press mud for biohydrogen production. L-1 para STV e 4,57 a 7,75 para o pH. The air passage was blocked and no gas reading could be A specific growth rate of 0. A systematic computational procedure is proposed and a Genetic Algorithm GA is developed to obtain the optimal reactor arrangement with the maximum yield or selectivity and minimum reactor volume.

Effect of osdar on microbial aggregation during UASB reactor start-up. Department of Energy and the European Union, tellurium is a critical element needed for energy and defense technology.

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The one-stage UASB reactor was operated in Palestine at a hydraulic retention time HRT of 10h and at ambient air temperature for a period of more than a year in order to osar the dsecargar response to the Mediterranean climatic seasonal temperature fluctuation. Modelling of sludge blanket height and flow pattern in UASB reactors treating municipal wastewater.

From the results of methane producing activities and the PCR-DGGE method, most methanol was directly converted to methane in both reactors. Finally, comparing all the obtained results, it was possible to verify the importance of the aerobic post treatment in the removal of part of the organic matter not removed in an exclusively anaerobic treatment.


It was estimated that a large-scale UASB reactor can be designed under the same loading conditions to produce 2. The results obtained indicated that pre-catalytic oxidation process improved the CODt removal efficiency in the UASB reactor by a value of Published by Elsevier B.

While the UASB showed pseudo steady state operational conditions and generated a periodical purge of sludge, CWs were characterised fe the progressive accumulation and mineralisation of retained solids.

The organic loading rate OLR was varied, and the best condition for the combined system was The highlight of this study was that the most environmentally sustainable treatment plants were not economically and socially sustainable. The objective was to elucidate factors which influence formation and maintenance of highly active self-agglomerated microbial biomass. Italian users of the Biopaq- UASB methods which incorporates an innovative biogas recovery system, can take advantage of the special state subsidies available for energy-saving plants.

The reactors were supplied with ethanol as the electron donating substrate to promote the biological reduction of Te IV.

The present work aimed to investigate the microbial dynamics during the anaerobic treatment of the azo dye blue HRFL in bench scale upflow anaerobic sludge bed UASB reactor operated at ambient temperature. Sludge samples were collected under distinct operational phases, when the reactor were stable low variation of color removalto assess the effect of glucose and yeast extract as source of carbon and redox mediators, respectively.

The UASB reactor with biomass recirculation showed a specific sulfate reduction rate of 0. Manual focus can be tricky when there is not enough ambient light. It focuses on the high school glee club New Directions competing on the show choir competition circuit, while