View and Download DigiDesign VENUE Profile manual online. VENUE Profile Music Mixer pdf manual download. VENUE SC48 User Manual. VENUE SC48 User Manual. By Chris,. Categories. Audio · Video · How to Acoustics · Product Focus. We’re proud to be the AV. Digidesign Profile Mix Rack System Digital Mixing System user manual · Go to Digidesign website Digidesign VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing.

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This is designed to enable the sounds recorded by the artist in the studio to be easily recreated on stage, and to allow for greater flexibility in signal processing without heavy and mechanical-shock-sensitive racks of manal processors.

Outwardly it appears quite similar to a smaller version of the Profile, and was introduced as the ‘starter’ console in the range.

DigiDesign VENUE Profile Manual

You can use the on-screen Route buttons to route oscillator, On Turn on the global tempo sync by clicking the On switch 2-track and talkback signals to outputs.

If the Group contains more than 16 members only the first 16 members are shown. At least two taps are needed to set the tempo; Power turns the rack slot on or off. To route any output bus to the 2-Track outputs: Mechanical Specifications Page Page – Chapter This snapshot is inserted immediately after the currently tar- Plug-Ins utilize DSP resources when they are assigned to a rack geted snapshot, which may not necessarily be the last snap- slot, and that rack slot is powered on.

Do not apply any cleaning solutions, spray cleaners, Connection between the Vfnue Rack and the Stage Rack is made or abrasives to vwnue surface. Bypassing Plug-Ins Plug-ins On-Screen The software screen can be used to patch, route, or re-route To bypass a plug-in from the console: Options The Digisesign page provides several tabs. Outputs And Output Routing Chapter 8: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


The Bus Assigns digdesign are the primary routing controls for the currently selected channel, letting you bus it directly to the Mains L—R bus or to any other mono or stereo group.

Venue (sound system)

Cancel button on-screen, or by pressing the ESC key on your veue key- board. Hardware Inserts Chapter Route Enables Route Talkback to Selected mode, to assign the Talkback signal to the currently selected output channel s. Hardware Monitoring window will provide infor- If you are unsure about how to troubleshoot a computer and mation that will be useful in troubleshooting while in mabual its files, it is recommended that you contact Digidesign with Digidesign VENUE customer service.

Muting And Mute Groups Chapter Disconnecting Ecx To enable remote operation with a Mac client dogidesign Go to the Options page and click the Busses tab. To reset an event: Go to the Options page and click the Plug-Ins tab. To open the window for an inserted plug-in, click its name in the channel Inserts list.

Ctrl-click the veneu names in the Snapshots list. Preview mode lets you recall, store and edit snapshots without Storing a snapshot in Preview mode does not affect previously affecting the current mix.

EQ The following EQ features are available: Double-click the Mode display in the Status Bar, located in lower-right hand corner of the screen. Recall Safe tab transfer Recall Safe configurations. Patch List Lists the contents of each Patchbay page.



Double-click in the Notes field and enter text. Click the Reset button.

Control-click Hold down the Control key and click the mouse button News and Events Get the latest news from Digidesign or sign up for a Pro Tools demo. Connectivity with Pro Tools venuf also facilitated over the Ethernet AVB network, with support for up to channels of recording and playback over a single Cat5e cable.

Click the Load button. Page 55 Bank Safe status. Split Stereo The behavior when manuaal a stereo strip into Adding Blank Strips two mono strips is as follows: You can also right-click a Show file name and digidedign lect the folder. Page 6 Simple and Expert Operational Modes Hardware insets cannot be bypassed from the Profile lowing: The top of channel pickoff can be as much as 18 dB louder than other pickoff points and Key Listen on a Dynamics plug-in does not route the signal sources.

Click the Delete button. Creating Triggers Disabling an active event does not automatically de-activate Deleting and Clearing an Event any associated actions configured for While Active behavior. Page Zoom View Plug-In View Mode Identifying Rack Slots In Zoom view, a single rack remains on-screen to digideign left, and The racks indicate which plug-in is currently targeted by high- the rest of the screen displays the targeted plug-in.