Med Phys. Mar;38(3) Objective characterization of GE discovery CT HD scanner: gemstone spectral imaging mode. Zhang D(1), Li X, Liu B. Discovery CT HD – Slices is now available here in MEDISTRA Hospital, No need to go abroad . The latest technology of CT scanning is now available . Discovery CT. high-definition images and drastically reduced radiation dose. Only four hospitals in the world have Discovery CT. Policlinico di Monza, together .

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This course is designed for CT Technologists.

The observed dependency of HU on keV and iodine concentration levels agreed with the expectation from x-ray attenuations. Volume Helical Shuttle is a continuous bi-directional scan mode that extends z-coverage and improves temporal sampling.

Before training, selected personnel should: With Discovery CT they only receive 0. The result is more than mm of high-resolution volume coverage, equivalent to a slice image, and the ability to perform 4D-CTA studies.

ASiR dose reduction was measured on a standard 20cm water phantom.

It is indeed a step forward in determining whether a cancer is benign or malignant cancer. Policlinico di Monza, together with three other hospitals in France and in the USA, is a ct7750 in terms of advanced technology. Prerequisites This course has no prerequisite requirements. The Applications training is designed to enhance learning, prepare the Dixcovery to provide the best patient care possible and to achieve particular learning outcomes or objectives.

Policlinico di Monza SpA Sede legale: CE Considerations for Onsite Training Continuing Education credit may be earned by Technologists who complete the training curriculums as presented by the Applications Specialist. Disegno, materiali e tecnica chirurgica si svilupperanno a tal punto da offrirci una protesi d’anca anti-usura?

Its exclusive garnet structure enables high-definition imaging during sub-second scanning and fast kV switching. Comprehensive preparation for the training program is essential to its success. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task. Instruction is delivered by a GE CT Applications Specialist at the customer facility and focuses on system operation and patient procedures.


LCD was measured using the Statistical LCD technique, which is based on an analysis of the pixel standard deviation on the uniform section of the CatPhan R phantom. Veo Imaging under 1mSv with profound clarity. This means that oncologic patients are now exposed to less radiation.

And with high-definition image quality across anatomies — the Discovery CT HD can reach any part of the body of virtually any patient, and perform both generalized and specialized clinical applications, including:.

Leading-edge technology throughout the image chain. Greater coverage makes advanced techniques possible The Discovery CT HD has features that enable the performance of advanced diagnostic techniques. A REA di Novara n. The ASiR reconstruction algorithm may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images, thereby reducing the dose required 1. Our experience clearly shows that the maximum transfer of knowledge occurs when no more than 4 of our participants work with the Applications Specialist throughout the entire training program.

News dal Gruppo La protesi d’anca perfetta? Room construction should be complete and all necessary permits granted System installation, calibration and performance testing is complete Open house visits and other staff training are not scheduled Instruction on ancillary equipment is completed before system training Department routine is organized to minimize interruptions Physicians and other personnel who may need to be present at times during the training are notified Imaging accessories, archive media and other supplies are available Patient exams are scheduled according to the training agenda Note: This suggests the possibility of GSI to be employed in routine abdominal scans, which would potentially offer more information through its capabilities of material decomposition.

Discovery CT750 HD FREEdom Edition

Incomplete preparation may compromise the quality of the program. We’re here to help you keep your CT system up and running. IVA – direzione. At the same time, significant dose reduction capabilities are now available, opening up discovedy possibilities for challenging cases and sensitive patients. This data enables clinicians to identify the chemical composition of body materials, and aids in the characterization of pathology.

GE Healthcare Educators and Computed Tomography Clinical Application Specialists are committed to helping you provide better patient care on a daily basis through our high performance education programs.


Study the Operator’s Manual delivered with your system Ensure familiarity with relevant areas of technology and terminology through reading current literature Have their dizcovery duties delegated for the training period.

Discovery CT750 HD 128 Slice

This computation may dramatically reduce the amount of dose needed to acquire a high-performance image. Leading edge clarity diiscovery innovation throughout the image chain — and across every variable of image development.

GE’s dedicated Field Service team and specialized online Engineers make it their mission to transform essential services into extraordinary outcomes.

Overview Benefits Technology Overview. Read More Show Less.

If for any reason your department is not completely ready, please do not hesitate to reschedule training. The test involved maintaining constant pixel standard deviation as the mA was reduced at kV. Spectral Imaging See the broader spectrum of siscovery with the revolutionary Gemstone Spectral Imaging feature. Their noise characteristics were studied through noise power spectra, and their low contrast detectability was compared via contrast-to-noise ratio. VolumeShuttle is a feature that offers acquisition coverage of 80mm.

Discovery CT HD

Equivalent performances were observed in the comparison between GSI 65 keV monochromatic images and images from a regular abdomen scan protocol. Discovery CT HD features Smart Technologies, a suite of intelligent CT tools designed to viscovery you achieve your imaging goals discoveery improved efficiency and expanded applications, all while delivering diagnostic confidence with lower levels of he. Preparing Your Staff for Onsite Training Preparing Your Staff for Onsite Applications Our experience clearly shows that the maximum transfer of knowledge occurs when no more than 4 of our participants work with the Applications Specialist throughout the entire training program.

In addition, a formula describing the dependency of HU in iodine enhanced area on GSI monochromatic energies and iodine concentrations was provided and the theoretical values were compared with the measured results.