graphics/djview4: fix icons and some other stuff – Remove graphics/librsvg2 from build dependency – Add gettext-runtime to USES and glib20 to. [ trusty ] [ xenial ] [ bionic ] [ cosmic ] [ disco ]. [ Source: djview4 ]. Package: djview4 () [universe] Other Packages Related to djview4. -fullscreen, -fs Start djview4 in full screen mode. Use the key ESC to exit the full screen mode. -slideshow[=arg] Start djview4 in slide show mode. The optional.

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Package: djview4 (4.10.6-1)

For instance, 0,0 designates the upper left corner of the page, 0. The default zoom factor is changed to page. Other options are only recognized when running the X11 version of the djview4 program. Argument keyword must be topcenteror bottom.

A warning message is printed when option -verbose is active. Otherwise, starting from the current page and wrapping around, it searches for a page whose title matches the argument pagename. Proxy settings for the standalone viewer can djvlew4 set independently with the preferences dialog. Caching is on by default.

When running as a standalone program, the command line argument argument can be: The following letters are recognized c Case-sensitive search. Saving is enabled by default. Coordinates xywand h are measured in document image coordinates not screen coordinates. CTRL Hold this key to select an area with the mouse. The viewer can simultaneously display several pages using a side-by-side or a continuous layout. Argument keyword must be leftcenteror right. Other options are only recognized when running the X11 version of the djview4 program.


Uses djvulibre for rendering.

djview4 package in Ubuntu

To install the port: The initial content of the toolbar is determined by the first occurrence of a character plus or minus. The font should be specified using a X logical font description string. When this is a plus, the toolbar is initially empty. Up, Down, Left, Right Scroll the image in the given direction. So let people know that there’s no available support for them until things are back to normal which also means that cjview4 with spare time will be able to fix them without getting approval.

The default color cube contains distinct colors.

This option is very useful because it displays messages about the unrecognized constructs in the DjVu annotation and hyperlink layers. When the user clicks on a djvu hyperlink pointing to a web page, the program first tries to execute the web browser programs whose names are listed in the colon separated environment variable BROWSERthen tries sensible platform dependent defaults.

It is for which foo plugins support one of web browsers and can take care of plist depend on how you use it at the same time.

This option is less portable than page because it is not recognized by earlier versions of the djvu plugin. The user interface language is determined by first trying to find a complete set of translation files for the language specified in the preference dialog, then for the ISO languages specified in the colon separated environment variable LANGUAGEand finally the language specified by the system locale. The default color cube contains distinct colors.


The numerical arguments W and H represent the initial window width and height. P Select the “Fit Page” zooming mode. Unless the toolbar, pop-up menu and keyboard are disabled, the user will be able to change the zoom factor.

Also this application is translated to different languages.

FreshPorts — graphics/djview4

For instance, 0,0 designates the upper left corner of the page, 0. Various options can be specified using a syntax similar to that of CGI arguments. Follow us Blog Twitter Status page. The optional numerical argument arg specifies the number of seconds before turning each page. The default is yes. Caching is on by default. USAGE Most features can be accessed using the menus, the toolbar, the side bar or the pop-up menu shown when the right mouse button is depressed over tl DjVu image.

The following keywords are recognized in djiew4 context: The following keywords are recognized: While here fix some ports relying on pkg-config but not specifying it, fix some ports broken because testing wrong. Argument keyword must be leftcenteror right.