24 channel H recorder. Features. – HSR = high speed, high resolution. – 8 analogue camera inputs, expandable up to 24 camera inputs. – Simultaneous. Dallmeier DMS HSR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dallmeier DMS HSR Configuration. Get in-depth information on Dallmeier DMS HSR Bank Digital video recorder (DVR) including detailed technical specifications. Besides, view the entire.

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If all system messages in the archive are to be exported, all categories must be activated and both the lower and upper times must be deactivated. This document provides users with detailed descriptions.

Dallmeier DMS HSR Manuals

Clicking in the bar of the slider also results in jumping to another position. The completion of the export will be displayed by the messages Export finished.

The current split type is marked in blue. The images of the reference vms set are displayed in the Preview field. Click the field for the date C and select the desired date in the calendar. System messages dialog Filter system messages If the system messages warning dialog is displaying messages related to different subjects the corresponding filter buttons will also be displayed A.

Safety notes, general information and technical data are additionally provided. They are used for current recording.

This is done so as to prevent an accidental recording failure and to make sure that it does not go unnoticed if it happens.

Hide warning dialog The warning dialog can be hidden in the Live and Playback mode by any user. Declaration Of Conformity Make And Break Contact Functions This dialog displays the development of the detected temperatures graphically.


We recommend that you use the software setting. Reference tracks are therefore not used for recording or playback Track selection There are different methods sms selecting a track: The corresponding picture is now the starting point for the forward and back intervals.

The connection to the device is established. Context menu multi split types Expand Click on Expand to display the current split window as single split.

dallmeier DMS 240 HSR Manuals

Table Of Contents 1. Table of Contents Table. The camera control panel will be displayed Functions Fig. It will remain hidden even if a new event triggers a new system message meanwhile.


System messages dialog filter buttons Click on a filter button in the bottom left corner to activate the corresponding filter. The current track data recording time and date of the displayed image are displayed in the information window.

The procedure is identical to the dmms in the Advanced search section. The current position of the mouse pointer will be selected as far as possible as center of hsd enlargement. The system messages which are exported depend on the category selection and lower and upper time settings.

Select a camera by clicking on the corresponding menu entry.

Blitzer Strobe User Manual Order code: Camera control button Click on the Camera control button. For a detailed list of accessories or instruction on how to set More hzr.

Versions The Versions tab provides information on the software versions and internal components. This setting will only take effect when the system updates the system messages, in other words when it writes a new message to the protocol file Deleting archive This function is available for the administrator user group only. GJD, a leading British manufacturer of professional The context menu of the button will be displayed.


Image Export And Import Quick Search With Time Intervals If there is any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact dealer. The integration of external data, for example from ATMs, cash tills or access control systems is optionally possible via the Dallmeier Network Interface DNI and can be easily realised.

Click on Apply after selecting the message categories to start displaying the message list. If he logs in the warning dialog will be displayed showing all messages that have not been 2240 confirmed. This basic assignment is done when configuring the splitter see Configuration. Proceed analogous to the description given above in order to extend the export list.

The Activations dialog will be xms. Thereby the warning dialog will not be displayed in Live mode any longer. If sequences are overlapping the total sequence will contain double images as well.

Click the SmartFinder tab. This document may not be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, More information. Erasing Saved Tracks Marked split windows Hzr there is no split window marked the top left split window will automatically be used for toggling between the cameras.