DOMINUS IESUS: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. Talk Handout. I. Proclamation as Spiritual Warfare (Walkthrough of 2 Cor ). A. God’s Strategy: Enlighten all. Declaration Dominus Iesus: full text, concordances and frequency lists. So much for the Congregation’s own synthesis of Dominus Jesus. . To be sure, some other leading figures in the English-speaking hierarchy provided more.

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Gregory the Great, Moralia in Iob, Praefatio, 6, Revelation, too, that supernatural link [ratio superna] which God has established with man, can like- wise be looked upon as a dialogue. We communicate to our Bishops the reason why, in our opinion, the nihil obstat cannot be granted to a certain kesus. That document, then, would become an act of the Pope himself, even iessus it did not come directly from his own hand or appear under his own signature.

The Analysis of the declaration Dominus Iesus | VERITAS, r.a.

Go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. When it is asserted that someone who lives according to the Scriptures is a successor of the Apostles, the following question is left unanswered: The Sovereign Pontiff John Paul II … with sure knowledge and by his apostolic authority [certa scientia et auctoritate sua sominus, ratified and confirmed this Declaration … and ordered its publication italics in original.


Indeed, the Church, guided by charity and respect for freedom, 98 must be primarily committed to proclaiming to all people the truth definitively revealed by the Lord, and to announcing the necessity of conversion to Jesus Christ and of adherence to the Church through Baptism and the other sacraments, in order to participate neglish in communion with God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Let us return again to your Congregation’s disputed document.

Second Vatican Council, Declaration Dignitatis humanae, 1. Remember me on this computer.

In the Constitution Lumen gentium, it says only that the Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the Successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him”, not expressing any exclusivity with the Latin word “subsistit”. I wonder why they never think up anything new. Living witnesses and the written word refer to one another. Council of Trent, Decretum de libris sacris et de traditionibus recipiendis: The intention of the present Declaration, in reiterating and clarifying certain truths of the faith, has been to follow the example of the Apostle Paul, who wrote to the faithful of Corinth: Jesus had clearly explained his divine nature in the institution of the Eucharist.

No, the certitude of the Christian faith has its own content.

The Analysis of the declaration Dominus Iesus

Did they get a hearing? But we also say that this does not apply to all rites. That love was domimus on the Cross through which Jesus reconciled and saved domlnus world: What did the Pope mean? A Comprehensive Study, ed. He thus declared against the commonly spread indifferentism and made an effort to secure a prominent post for the [Roman] Catholic Church Gaudron, M.


Views Read Edit View history. Congregatio pro Doctrina Fide.

The greatest criticism does not concern these distinctions so much as the claim of the highest magisterial authority for teachings which have only the status of “theologically well-founded”, in which, despite their good foundations, objections are still raised that have never been completely eliminated.

In doinus, the Primate of the Anglican Church, Archbishop Carey, expressed his grateful and decided support of the true theme of the Declaration.

DUNN in its proper and theological meaning, does not imply any attempt of proselytism whatsoever italics in original. Some went so far as to claim the Declaration was a distortion of them. Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Asia, Physical Description 32 p. It speaks volumes of do,inus to childish gullibility of the top representatives of individual Churches and Church unions.

The Pope expressly avers here to his Encyclical, Ut Unum Sint, as an example of his commitment to ecumenism. With regard to faith and to making it understandable through theorems, dogma is distorted if it is regarded as a collection of theorems: