Dragonsword of Lankhmar has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published March 1st by T S R, 0 pages, Paperback. Series: 1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks — no. 5. Alternate Titles: You Are Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (book one title) You Are Thieves’ Guild Assassins (book two . Here’s a log of a play-by-e-mail game of Dragonsword of Lankhmar that I played against Andy Sekela. The e-mails have been modified and.

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Rachel rated lankumar really liked it Jul 23, Well, you don’t really need to put the Location: Well, since your characters turn back nearly right away, I suppose mine should too.

I am not very familiar with Fritz Leiber’s iconic characters, but the fact that they have some history makes the characters in this particular adventure seem much more alive than in the other 1 on 1 books I’ve played. In is an exciting game of dragonswogd, assassination, and adventure as you roam the streets of Lankhmar.


Actually, that won’t be necessary.

Item – Dragonsword of Lankhmar

Core Rules min needed to play. An easy, dice-less combat system simulates battle.

And if they take 30 damage between them, they’re both toast!! Lists with This Book.

It looks like you found me! Competitive players compete against each other to win Reading for Periodicals, Adventure Books, etc.

What do you make of that? Your move, then I guess your location again.

Dragonsword of Lankhmar by James M. Ward

More Information Edit History. I’ll search for you at the Blue Moon Inn.

Thu, 18 Apr I just know I’m not on the street of the gods, and it sounds like a city location. Wed, 1 May I have to guess your location again after your next move. Alania runs away after the first turn. Tue, 14 May Why can’t Lsnkhmar roll like that all the time, or at least when I really need to?!

Dragonsword of Lankhmar

The only problem I have with it is that things are horribly unbalanced when it comes to the players gaining allies. I’ll check the Temple of Issek.


Mon, 1 Apr But we’re still alive and kicking. And it is a fight to the finish; neither side may retreat. Jen marked it as to-read Jan 01, Okay, I’ve read dragnsword Michelle added it Aug 27, Tue, 16 Apr Mon, 13 May Sat, 23 Mar My guys were both healed right before it, so we may have had a slight advantage!