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poradnik do drakensang the river of time chomikuj – video dailymotion

The Cleansing of the Crypts Morlinde 6will give you this quest after you’ve completed Find Morlinde in Drakenasng There are eight crypts. The lizard will cast some kind of spell on the witch and then it will turn against you. Soon, Gerling will join in the conversation. Ardo’s murder scene 7.

You won’t meet him there, however, but you’ll get a chance to talk to Mayor Dipwidge. Graves of three mercenaries Join in and kill the robbers. Find two character witnesses Talk to Sergeant Erland 1. On your way you will come across an orc camp in which Gondwin 4 is being held.

Fluffy, the dancing bear If you’re not doing Like a shadow, just kill the priest and take the key. Investigations at the Harbour You will receive this quest at the beginning of the chapter from Lady Protector Dariana 6.

You will be told that there has been little diplomatic activity with Murolosh recently and that diplomat Gerling has been sent to meet with king Arombolosh.

Get back on the ladder 5get to the other side of the room and leave the hideout 1. Sneak past the orcs If you’ll manage to proceed unseen to the third level you will gain extra experience.


Ponownie porozmawiaj z Iriane.

Entrance to building 6. You will learn that Ferdok is closed and no one is allowed unless recommended by two people. Find hunter Owlstone Your mission is to find Owlstone. Kill the crab Kill the crab, to retrieve the wood it swallowed.

Społeczność Steam :: Poradnik :: Solucja/Walkthrought Drakensang by lukaheq [PL] [ENG]

He won’t give you anything solid until you complete the Search for Mordlinde in the Marshes Find the treasure map Map 7 can be found in the cave between two bottles. This far in the game it is quite a challenging opponent, so prepare for a tough fight. For a handful of Ducats continued – house Neisbeck Malt and hop Pagol Babek 9 has another work for you.

The Snuffbox In Port Ugdan you can encounter a rich man Salina’s Request You will meet your old friend 13 near the temple of Hesinde 2. Apparently, she stole his jewlery rriver. Saphira’s owl skull Find out Saphira’s weakness The person to reveal Saphira’s weakness is the cook living in the kitchen of the 10 mansion in the Dark Forest.

frakensang Convince the high dront Abbot can be found in the temple of Peraine Take the negotiator to safety You’ll need drakensaang escort the negotiator to Laran Dykemiller. If you try to convince him he will make you an offer beneficial both for you and the guard. Set the first on the left up, the middle one down and the right one up. Knowall will thank you for the rescue and jump into your pocket.



Cook is buying rat tails for 2 farthings each. Prepare for the fight and enter the dragon’s lair 3.

He thinks he’s not guilty and will remain in his cell until someone proves his innocence. Talk to the innkeeper Innkeeper Thalion will tell you that the bandits are most likely in Drakenssng Mountain Open Cano’s chest In his chest, Cano has placed a 6 key, that open the way to the remaining rooms. In fear, she will tell you about a relationship between Alvina and Danos 8. Inform the owner After you’re done go outside and talk to Ibrom. The magician will be very pleased and will reveal what does he need the rock acid for.

I disregarded a few maps because they in secondary quests.

Tell her timme you will never surrender the jewel and Malgorra will kill Mercenary Gudwin, and you will still have to give her the Dragon’s Eye. The merchant will give you a letter clearing Dranor of all suspicion. Near the next bridge Archon Megalon After listening to the Oracle talk to Dorion.