E5AN-HT/E5EN-HT. (96 x 96 mm and 48 x 96 mm). Programmable Controllers Join the Series! Program up to segments and take advantage of the high cost . E5AN-H, E5EN-H Specifications 3. Shaded settings are the default settings. The applicable standards for the input types are as follows: K, J, T, E, N, R, S, B: JIS. Programmable Temperature Controller (Digital Controller) (96 x 96 mm and 48 x 96 mm) Programmable Controllers Join the Series! Program up to

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Operation At The Program End Shifting Input Values Variable Read, Multiple Using The Keys The Logic Operation Function cx-thermo List Of Services Modbus Communications Procedure Registering Calibration Data Set Point Limiter Event Input Settings Using Event Inputs Status And Status 2 Overview Of Communications Methods Rt robust Tuning Heater Short Alarm Output Adjustment Functions Bank Setting Level Platinum Resistance Thermometer Variable Write, Multiple Using Banks And Pid Sets E5na Burnout Alarm lba Using Infrared Y Error Response Frame Assigned Output Functions Using The Support Software Port Precautions For Safe Use And Heater Overcurrent Alarm Operations Normal Response Frame Variable Area setting Range List Transfer Output Function Don’t have an j Initial Setting Level Pf Setting function Key Performing Manual Control Conventions Used In This Section Table of contents Safety Precautions Explanation Of Indicators Using The Simple Program Function Mv At Stop Using A Remote Sp Installing Current Transformers ct r5an Direct And Reverse Operation Fcs Calculation Example Detailed Description Of The Services Read Controller Status Heater Overcurrent Alarm Loop Burnout Alarm Conventions Used In This Manual Initial Setting Examples Simple Program Function Table of contents Ordering Information Structure Of Command Text Heater Burnout, Heater Short Setting The Pf Omfon Type Code variable Type Using Logic Operations Status 2 Details