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In Water4Gas, when we talk about “good performance”, we mean better higher gas mileage and better lower emissions.

Use both jumpers in New England for instance where it is too cold for human habitation from November to March each year. It has a 5 volt VREF, ground, and frequency signal output. Note that the EFIE draws ffie power. A leaner mixture requires more time for the flame to propagate across the cylinder.

To meet this demand, 2 new EFIE lines have been created. I get them from DigiKey and the evie number is listed below. There is a new EFIE design over at fuel-saver.

If you find one with a.

It is next to impossible to give you an exact road map for mileage tuning, like “if you have a Mercedes Benzmodel so-and-so, then this is exactly what you need to do”.

Install the modified anti-fouler into the exhaust where x17 O2 sensor normally goes, then screw the O2 sensor into the anti-fouler.

Check the voltage output. The oxygen sensor gives its information to the vehicle computer by putting a voltage on its output wire.

You might want to do the temp sensor modifications as the final step. Adding a parallel resistor nets a lower total resistance value, thus sending a hotter temperature signal to the ECU. If you advanced your timing, try leaning out the AFR a bit more. If more oxygen is sensed, the computer thinks the mixture egie too lean not enough fueland adds fuel to the mix. If you had to figure out the wires at the sensor itself, then try to find the same wire at the computer’s wiring harness.


Meyer Lawton Boyce and many more. The thing to do, is only turn them with your multimeter hooked up. It is the recommended model to use for any hobbyist who is installing a fuel savings system in his car, and needs a device for controlling the output of the oxygen sensor.

HHO woes Ok Stamp project is complete. AlexR Senior Member Posts: These models are installed the same way electrically as the deluxe models.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

Other car modules might also forget their learned settings. The transmission will need to re-adjust in order to shift properly, so gearshifts may seem different at first. C1 efid be 10 nF. What are the high and low output voltages? Note that very small adjustments to this pot make a large change to the EFIE’s range. There are many devices and technologies on the market and the Internet that are based on sound science that can’t seem to deliver the goods. So that is how you set the voltage that erie EFIE is adding to the sensor’s output.

As long as the voltage is jumping around, you’re probably in Efis Loop. If you read the EFIE Installation Instructions below, you’ll see there’s another reason to have a good wiring diagram for your car.

In this case, the sensor is possibly a “wide band” oxygen sensor. Also note there is a variation of the 5-wire sensor that uses 6 wires.


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This is without changing the adjustment. Leave it unplugged for 10 minutes. Additional data by Ozzie Freedom: It possibly could be used to control the vehicle’s computer, and make the engine burn a little leaner, and this could possibly give a small increase in gas mileage. Adjustments as small as a few millivolts can be made.


If you have two or more efficiency devices installed, even more oxygen will be present in the exhaust. There are EFIEs in existing stock that will still have the range adjust pot installed, and this article will still apply to these. Install new filters and oxygen sensor.

If you change the jumper settings, note your voltage setting beforehand, and then you’ll probably need to efoe the voltage slightly after the change. Come June or August, this setting may be high enough to trip codes. On the Deluxe series models this adjustment is mounted on the enclosure, so the circuit ffie will not have an R6 or R6A potentiometer on the circuit board.

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Since it has a new performance range with HHO, chances are that the computer will not negate the newly acquired gains in economy and power range. I have to add about mV before the engine starts stuttering. I also have a pot in parallel with the IAT set at r17. One of the easiest ways to lower lean-out limits is to install a resistor across the CTS and IAT sensors in parallel with the sensor.