Explore IE’s board “José Saramago” on Pinterest. José Saramago – Portuguese writer and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. .. Amor a dios. Y tengo que decir que es bueno describir a Dios, porque cada quien lo tiene y lo ve de distinta manera. . “El factor Dios”, del que tanto habla, ese ilustre ateo, llamado José Saramago, es un Factor que ocupa y cuestiona la. 3 Composiciones de Azio Corghi a partir de la obra de José Saramago . En definición suya, “Dios es el silencio del universo, y el ser humano, el grito que da . Diario El País, 18/09/ “El factor Dios “; ↑ Diario El País, 21/08/ “Dios .

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Quotes from The Notebook.

Authorities confine the blind to an empty mental hospital, but there the criminal element holds everyone captive, stealing food rations and raping women. Want to Read saving…. Published April 6th by Verso first published January 1st I love this man. Or is it a simple effect of nature, merely a consequence of being jode, with no pre-existing consciousness or intent, like an apple tree bearing apples without any concern for whether anyone would come and eat them or not?

Refresh and try again. But during the night, when he is awakened by noise, he finds the VCR replaying the video and watches in astonishment as a man who looks exactly like him—or, more specifically, exactly like he did five years earlier, mustachioed and fuller in the face—appears on the screen.


The result is a deft psychological portrait that moves between poetry and irony, spirituality and irreverence of a savior who is at once the Son of God and a mose man. A middle-aged bachelor, he has no interest in anything beyond the certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, and death that are his daily routine.

José Saramago

Can we be reduced to our outward appearance, rather than the sum of dio experiences? Now, with our information fed in bits, chips, and pixels on such wildly diverse formats as Twitter, Facebook, TV talk shows and reality series we must face the fact that reportage of the quality found in these essays is a thing of the past.

Open Preview See a Problem? He finds it bizarre that only now do churches take the initiative to apologize to these people, as they have persecuted them in the past.

We see the day-to-day world through his eyes with tear inducing politics and unfathomable people. So I embrace the words I have written, I wish them long life, and resume my writing where Saaramago left off. This book is a mish-mash of memoir, biography and nostalgia. And behind every statement, no matter how serious, there lurks his unique sly humour; the reader feels that Saramago could slay the most ferocious dragons with his comic force alone.

Y si no se hallan, se inventan. An old man with two sheep on a rope crosses his path. Hardcover earamago, pages. On the first day of the new year, no one dies. This is jpse Saramago, if not in the flesh, but in pure unadulterated thought. George Bush and his lying; Silvio Berlusconi and his bad governance; Israel and its maltreatment of Gaza; authors and friends who have died; and factoids that surround the release of his new book. Force in epic proportions.


Apr 12, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Condemned to wander forever after he kills his brother Abel, Cain makes his way through the world in the company djos a personable donkey.

Tertuliano watches the film, unimpressed.

Jose Saramago, El factor dios. –

A magnificent parable of loss and disorientation and a vivid evocation of the horrors of the sarqmago century, Blindness has swept the reading public with its powerful portrayal of man’s worst appetites and weaknesses—and man’s ultimately exhilarating spirit. What if she, death with a small d, became human and were to fall in love?

The Notebook is a unique journey into the personal and political world of one of the greatest writers of our time. I, as usual tend to doubt this, perhaps because I’m tired of listening to myself. This is another one of those times in which I decided to branch out of fiction and try reading non-fiction for a while.

Nobel Prize-winner Jose Saramago’s brilliant new novel poses the question — what happens when the grim reaper decides there will be no more death?

I’m told that the interviews were worth doing.