An enchanting love story set in the Amazon, by the award-winning and bestselling author of Journey to the River Sea, Eva Ibbotson. Eva Ibbotson – A Company of Swans – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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But it was class that made Harriet into a dancer. To view it, click here. I gave wwans away I hate to throw out books because I couldn’t stand it.

The love story is wonderful, and I like that while it’s certainly a main part of the book, Harriet’s dancing – A sweet, fun, charming read. I heartily recommend this romance and am looking forward to more from this author! Beneath his words, as he began to describe the journey he would make, there beat the grave exotic rhythm that enables the Slavs to make poetry even of a laundry list. But, angelic Harriet is packed ibbotsoj so much wish-fulfillment it embarrassed me to read it.

Sep 18, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: Add to that the great setting a ballet company touring Brazil in the san interesting hero and an amazing cast of secondary characters and you get another gem by Ibbotson. She gives without expecting in return. In “ruining herself”, she not only ruins any sympathy the reader might have but any virtue that might have attracted Rom in the first place.

The always-serious Professor Morton expected his daughter to marry the man he had chosen.

A Company of Swans : Eva Ibbotson :

She is no bibotson than his previous women. She grew up in such a harsh atmosphere, but instead of making her afraid or bitter, is made her thirsty for information and hungry for life and love.

The way she embraced the physical pain of professional dance got me nodding. Return to Book Page. Once again Ibbotson shows how apt she is at expressing just how her character is feeling, in such a way that the reader sets the book down in her lap and sighs, “Yes. A Eba of Swans is official my second favorite Eva Ibbotson book, and it is a close second indeed. I also loved that Ibbotson explains the plots of the ballets they are performing.


Kept on an unbelievably tight rein by her scholar father and spinster aunt, her only outlet is the weekly ballet lessons that have somehow slipped under the radar. But it also doesn’t deserve the number of one star reviews it has, most of which seem to be because Stephenie Meyer mentioned at some point that she likes this book and a whole lot of her LDS fans read it and didn’t agree with the premarital sex. A Company of Swans did exactly what I thought it would: Of course, she’s not allowed to go, but after a visit with young Henry, t A Company of Swans is official my second favorite Eva Ibbotson book, and it is a close second indeed.

Harriet Morton lives in Cambridge with her widowed father, the overprotective Professor Morton who teaches Classics at the Universityand her controlling Aunt Louisa, who wishes her to marry an uninteresting entomology professor named Edward Finch-Dutton. Though the tragedy of Harriet’s past was laid on a little thick, I did or with her.

The love story is wonderful, and I like that while it’s certainly a main part of the book, Harriet’s dancing – and for that matter, Rom’s business affairs – are important as well.

I’d give it 2. After I finished it, I immediately went to my book shop, ordered another by Ibbotson, and told the owner that this is one to consider having in all the time as it would be a great one to recommend for those times when grandparents come in looking for a gift, and they’re shying away from anything too contemporary commpany at all racy – which happens pretty often. He planned to marry the quiet, intelligent Harriet and place her in a house at the edge of town. I almost hated her and had absolutely no sympathy for ibbotsin that happened to her afterward.

However, I still essentially believed in their relationship. The guts and courage Harriet mustered at times took me aback. If you don’t mind spoilers and want to read a review that includes many of my “gripes” with this book, you can check out this excellent one by Rachael: You put yourself in her situation and see how brave YOU are. The scene-setting in the Amazon and the portrayal of the ballet company are the best parts of the book.

A Company of Swans

Using her bright mind, Harriet draws up a scheme to runaway from home and the stuffy Cambridge man her aunt wants her to marry.


A zoologist, Edward Finch-Dutton gave himself the goal o At eighteen years of age, Harriet Jane Ibboton lived in the attic of her father’s depressive house.

Her random moments of impulsiveness serve to push the heroine along but don’t fit well with her character. After that chapter or so I lost all the respect I had carefully built up for Harriet.

To a freedom unlike any she had known before. I am accustomed romantic historical fiction which reads like, well, historical romance novels. I mean, it’s not gratuitous or anything, it’s simply that Ibbotson completely changes the character and then the character loves the fact that she’s being immoral. I think it came out in the eighties, but it has a thirties feel, though it’s set in Edwardian times, just before WW I.

Until then, he expected her to listen and comfort him.

And yes, I intended that capital G. It practically said, “Life is sad and dull unless you’re rebellious.

Review of “A Company of Swans” by Eva Ibbotson | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

I surprised myself and liked this book more than I thought I would. It was in class that Harriet saw what it cost Lubotsky, the aging character dancer, to get his muscles to warm up–yet saw too the marvelous authority he still carried. Evs one of those characters designed to appeal to females.

It really does help if you talk about things before jumping to conclusions. There is certainly nothing overtly objectionable about him. In the epilogue, the pair are happily married with two children, Natasha and Paul Alexander, and Harriet being pregnant with their third.

So not only is it a terrible anachronism, but I prefer not to be beat over the head with the sexual attractiveness of my hero, thank you. I mean just because a girl invites igbotson to do something, as a much older and more mature man, he shouldn’t have given in.

She cares deeply for her friends and associates, and makes those around her BE better people.