Soltis 86’s micro-ventilated texture ensures: • excellent visual Soltis 86 offers a mesh opening, ideal for Patented worldwide, Précontraint Serge Ferrari®. Serge Ferrari’s Soltis Horizon 86 is a vinyl-coated polyester screen mesh utilized for solar protection. The solar screen fabric blocks out up to 88% of the sun’s. Serge Ferrari’s Soltis Horizon 86 is a vinyl-coated polyester screen mesh used for solar protection. The solar screen fabric blocks out up to 88% of the sun’s rays.

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You can find all the sewing thread, adhesives and sewing accessories on Tissens. For Soltis screenfabric is a special cleaner available. It would be a shame to have to redo your seams because the sewing thread you used was not suitable. With help op the small holes in the fabric of the Soltis 83 the contact with the outside is kept and the view is not obstructed.

This product is not sold individually. A fabric can not be ordered by square measure but by length yards or metters.


This open structure is ideal for efficient sun protection with enough natural light getting through for ferrrari fitting, light ambiance. SunStock uses cookies to recognize you during the next visit and to optimize the website.

Ferrari Soltis 86 Keyston Bros.

You can now close this screen. When you order you choose the length of you fabric, by step of 4 inches from 1 yard.

Cookies are so,tis of information that are saved on your computer by your browser. Also meets the Soltis 86 all the demands related to the thermal management of buildings. The fabric from Serge Ferrari is smooth and easy to clean. Soltis 86 Soltis 86 offers an open structure. Click Accept to use a properly functioning website.

Click the button to return to the home page and log in. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. If you do not want to accept cookies, click on Settings.

Your password has been changed. If you order 1 yard and 4 inches and the fabric’s width is 1 yard and 16 inches, you will recieve a piece of fabric 1 yard 4 inches long and 1 yard 16 inches width. Log in Restore password.


Whether for gluing or sewing your fabrics we recommend using professional quality products and tools as discount and supermarkets products don’t have sufficient quality to work with our products.

This special Ferrari cleanspray cleans and gerrari stains from your Soltis screen fabric and gives back a fresh sight.

Benefiting from an anti-fungal treatment, the Batyline thread is resistant to both moisture and microorganisms development. Order free fabric sample. An email has been sent to your e-mail address.

Soltis Horizon 86

Soltis 86 offers an open structure. The width of a fabric is fixed see fabric width in properties. Add to my wishlist. Very durable in time, easy to maintain, lightweight, flexible, quick dry and always “fresh” even in summer.