I see that the entries for itms and itmss in my are defective — they are missing the closing /RDF:Description entry (at least. Bug – Part 1 – Get rid of the remaining references. Currently checking causes content-type lookups to cross xpconnect .. Firefox still needs to support users to manually modify the extension-to-type. I am actually using Firefox and in order to get downloded *.tgz file automatically I needed to modify file, basically copying.

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In general, it is not advised to edit this file manually because of its complexity and the mimetypes.rvf that interfaces are provided to edit it in Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey.

Note that build-in handlers or plug-ins may have precedence over the settings in mimeTypes. Seq and many RDF: Descriptions one for each MIME type.

  GE SR750 PDF

Each entry has an identifier – the attribute RDF: To delete an entry, delete both its RDF: Seq and its RDF: To change an entry, simply change the RDF: Description’s attributes do not change RDF: To add an entry, insert a new RDF: Seq and create a new RDF: Description, making sure their identifiers match.

While this works with Thunderbird, it wouldn’t have any effect in SeaMonkey as it has an internal mechanism to handle PNG files. Only if the server requests explicitly a content disposition of “attachment”, both Firefox and SeaMonkey will present the dialog proposing the defined action, regardless of the “NC: This file can be moved to a different profile. If some MIME types specify a path for a program to use, this path must be correct on cirefox destination profile’s system.

A new file will be created on start up or when the application first needs to write to the file. Fireffox file name is incorrectly capitalized in the title of this article due to technical limitations in the software which powers the Knowledge Base.


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