The concept for the Flybrid flywheel Kinetic Energy. Recovery System (KERS) was originally developed by Jon Hilton and his team when he was technical. The race to develop regenerative braking technology is on and UK-based Flybrid Systems look to have come up with the first workable solution. Solution 1 – the. F1 KERS: Flybrid How KERS Works (the basics) Flybrid. When Max Mosley announced at the British Grand Prix in that he wanted F1 cars to develop.

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Xtrac and Flybrid are both licensees of Torotrak’s technologies, which employ a small and sophisticated ancillary gearbox incorporating a continuously variable transmission CVT. Read the Formula 1 Technical Review The race to develop regenerative braking technology is on and UK-based Flybrid Systems look to have come up with the first workable rlybrid Solution 1 — the flywheel The flywheel is made from carbon filament flybrix round a steel hub and weighs 5kg.

Toyota, makers of the flagship hybrid, Prius, has no plans to develop flybrids. Porsche is currently developing an electrical storage system.

The mechanical implementation, shown in Fig. Engineering Research and development Greenhouse gas emissions Carbon footprints Motoring blogposts. This was introduced to balance the sport’s move from 2. SMMT represents the UK automotive industry through the membership of companies involved in design, concept, manufacture, sale, after sale, disposal and recycling of motor vehicles, components and accessories.

Archived from the original on At the time of introduction, many road car manufacturers were beginning to offer hybrid cars which used a similar principle to harvest and reuse energy and so the concept of KERS was one that the public could quickly understand and appreciate.


F1 KERS: Flybrid – Racecar Engineering

Opting to develop the flywheel solution they sat down and roughed out the basics of a design. Automobile Club de l’Ouestthe organizer behind the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans event and the Le Mans Serieshas promoted the use of kinetic energy recovery systems in the LMP1 class since the late s.

Flybriid comments… Trouble loading? This translates to more powerful acceleration which can make all the difference to a Formula 1 race. Holt, ” Formula For Success: Archived from the original on 13 January Views Read Edit View history. Most importantly, the tensile strength of the carbon prevents it shattering under the g loads at such high speeds.

The Audi R18 e-tron quattro uses a flywheel -based system, while the Toyota TS Hybrid uses a supercapacitor -based system. Instead the energy is used in addition to the current engine. It then redelivers the stored energy to kefs drive train by powering a motor. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Kinetic energy recovery system – Wikipedia

Conversely, if you move toward a ratio that would slow it down then it releases energy. Flybrid is unlikely to be used as a retarder on a heavy double-decker bus — Wrightbus has it on trial on the StreetLite single-decker. So could flybrids compete with battery hybrids? Electrical solutions were a possibility but the power loses in energy transfer would be too great. However, they set up Williams Hybrid Power to sell their developments.

Can flywheel technology drive out the battery from car hybrids?

In parallel, the packs were a regenerative brake; kwrs series, they were a boost source. The mechanical implementation of KERS is known to be more efficient than the electric equivalent due to the fewer conversions of the energy that are taking place.


Archived from the original on 6 July To achieve this they upped the flyrid of the flywheel massively to 64,rpm, which allows a smaller, lighter flywheel but also means it has to be contained in a very robust structure in case of failure. In Formula 1 this would be infeasible.

A closer look at Torotrak’s Flybrid KERS

Toyota has used a supercapacitor for regeneration on Supra HV-R hybrid race car that won the Tokachi Hour endurance race in July Instead, the team opted to develop a totally hermetic shaft seal. To produce the other areas of the system, Flybrid has developed the previously announced relationships with Xtrac and Flubrid for the manufacture and technology respectively of the CVT. In the event of a crash, this could impede medical staff from providing attention to a driver still in the car.

Jaguar has halted its flywheel research.

Flybird recovered energy is stored in a reservoir for example a flywheel or high voltage batteries for later use under acceleration. All other rights, including commercial rights, are reserved to the author. InMazda has announced i-ELOOP, a system which uses a variable-voltage alternator to convert kinetic energy to electric power during deceleration.

To harvest the energy upon braking, the system uses the braking energy to turn a flywheel which acts as the reservoir of this energy.