Gaston Naessens. President. I am the biologist researcher engineer who developed a unique optical instrument, the Somatoscope, capable of observing. X or X, also referred to as “trimethylbicyclonitramineoheptane chloride”, is a mixture of X was developed by Gaston Naessens, a native of France and tried there for practicing medicine without a license. Naessens moved to. What Rife accomplished optically in the s with his Universal Microscope, Gaston Naessens accomplished with a combination of optics and electronics in.

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To understand the difficulty, we should “fast forward” tothe year Naessens arrived in Canada.

naeseens When properly administered, X stabilises and strengthens the immune system in most cases. Because they firmly believe that any success it might have is due to some kind of “psychological” effect, and they say that the prod-uct itself contains nothing that could possibly be of benefit.

This antioxidant property of vitamin E naesssns important in the prevention of cancer, but once cancer has taken hold of the organism, this vitamin could create a protective coating around immature cells and thus delay their identification and elimination by the immune system. Said preparation having a basic pH is then neutralized with nitric acid.

Many thanks for having accorded me an interview that impressed me far more than I can possibly describe. Suffering patients of each sex, and of ages ranging from the teens to beyond the seventies, have been returned to an optimal feeling of well-being and health. The second and all subsequent cycles will consist of 0. Progressive doses are administered during the first five days of the first cycle beginning with 0.

The content of this other erlenmeyer is added to the mixture previously prepared. This hemiaminal derivative of camphor is itself prone to a number of possible reversible conversions in the presence of ammoniac and water, and has been impossible to identify by infrared spectrophotometry ggaston.

In fact, one of the main reasons the medical fraternity holds the whole of Naessens’s approach to be bogus is its assertion that intralymphatic injection is impossible! The new mixture obtained is vigorously shaken. The quantity of product to be injected as well as the frequency of the injections appears in the adjacent calendar:.


Dr. Gaston Naessens

Establishment of a dogma slows down the rate new discoveries can be made. The train of his thinking, biologically or biochemically speaking, will not be here elaborated lest this account become too much of a “scientific treatise. In any case, the attempt to deal with this microorganism leads to the death of the cancer cell. Before I could ask that question of her, Francoise seemed to have already anticipated gastpn.

Gaston Naessens’ X / X Cancer Treatment

I have no pretensions beyond that! More radiation not only could not alleviate the now excruciating pain, but caused a blockage in the functioning of her kidneys and bladder.

Measuring less than 0. But I, on the contrary, have developed a therapy based on what has been called the body’s whole terrain! Late one afternoon, almost a month earlier, as he arrived home at his house and basement laboratory just outside the tiny hamlet of Rock Forest, Quebec, Gaston Naessens had been disturbed to see a swarm of newsmen in his front yard.

He thus, ever since, has been accused of never having received an academic diploma of any kind. Working side by side with some of the most respected researchers in America, Rife treated patients electronically to kill the virus and then allowed the body’s immune system to restore the body to full health. I have found a successful way of adjusting a delicate biological mechanism.

Gaston Naessens’ 714X / 714-X Cancer Treatment

Unfortunately, in most fields of science, a great deal of effort is put forth into listing why something will not work instead of attempting to duplicate the results. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Even stranger, over the years the somatids were revealed to be virtually indestructible! InGaston Naessens was indicted on several counts, the most serious of which carried a potential sentence of life imprisonment.

One such unit will be in use in Colorado Springs naessenw Clifford and Associates. Even with his crude equipment, he was able to observe that the microzymas underwent dramatic transformations during their life cycle. The tribulations and the multiple trials undergone by Naessens will come haessens an end only when an enlightened populace exerts the pressure needed to make the rulers of its health-care organizations see the light.


Never touching each other, they nonetheless both discharge into the blood stream See adjoining diagram. I have gasto to you why my personal opinions must not be considered as official declarations.

Rife was able to observe live viruses and their reaction to certain stimuli. Only later did it become clear that the true name of the leukemic child’s father was actually Lamer, a man who had claimed that, in past years, he had been an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force and a “secret agent” attached to the French “underground” during World War II. And there, the Naessenses, who were married inhave ever since been located. This fluidifying action of X is produced by the sodium and ammonium chlorides contained in the product.

The lymph gasston then discharged into the venous blood that is the blood which brings waste matter to the heart at haston junction of the sub-clavicle veins and the internal jugular veins in the neck area.

The Amazing Wonders of Gaston Naessens by Steven R. Elswick

A patient should use 14 or more of the items in this protocol. We have the same kind of attitudes about things. While attending the University of Lille, Gaston nearly had his education disrupted by the German invasion.

Even a single discovery as striking as those made by Naessens in five inter-linked areas could, by itself, justifiably be held remarkable. Naessesn effects are generally understood to mean foreseeable and harmful side effects present amongst all yaston.

After years of study, Bechamp came to the conclusion that these microzymas were naeessens basic to life than cells. It is a sad commentary that in a country that prides itself on freedom, terminally ill patients cannot make an informed decision to participate in experimental treatments that may save their lives.