Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Wettkämpfe auf Burg Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp, von Schreckenstein; Ritterturnier auf Schreckenstein; Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein. Title, Geflüster auf Burg Schreckenstein Volume 27 of Hassencamp, Oliver: Burg Schreckenstein. Author, Oliver Hassencamp. Publisher, BERTELSMANN,

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Also, the whole thing seemed to have been put together pretty haphazardly, I’d have liked at least some kind of introduction and some information on when and where the pieces where originally published.

Dreißig Jahre danach oder Wiedersehen mit der Wackeren Neuen Welt

I always felt that it ends a bit too soon, but I can’t really fault a book for making me like the characters so much that I want to know more about them. This book had schfeckenstein laughing out loud every other page, even though I suspect I missed a lot of the literary references.

Mar 15,8: The story is well written, but the story isn’t going to end well and Ball really seems to enjoy torturing his main character. It has aspects of an autobiography but is interspersed with random cshreckenstein bits, like fictitious greeting cards.

Be it his attempt to buy jellied eels or gems like “But now I felt myself contemplating the stark reality that in a purely physiological sense, we are all pre-operation transsexuals”, there are a lot of laughs in here. This book is worse than Jar-Jar Binks. The Krytos Trap by Michael A. Overall, in my opinion this isn’t a bad book, but it would have profitted from a good editor and perhaps a bit more proofreading.


I only finished it out of sheer bloody-mindedness.

He certainly knows what he’s talking about but manages to avoid overly detailed scientific explanations that would only hinder the plot. I listened to the unabridged audio version of this and the narrators did an excellent job. Sentinel by John Jackson Miller I don’t follow Wheaton’s blog, but he was a guest on a few podcasts I listen to, so I know at least a bit about him. What a terrific book company you’ve been keeping.

His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik Even though I’m usually not a huge fan of dragons, I really liked the concept of the Napoleonic wars being fought on dragonback. Instead I trawl the Grflster store for something that seems entertaining, light and reasonably cheap – brain candy, essentially.

I enjoy revisiting childhood books from time to time too.

Dreißig Jahre danach oder Wiedersehen mit der Wackeren Neuen Welt – PDF Free Download

However I might have to reread at least part of the series, I seem to have forgotten quite a few details over the last year or so. After the third book I’ve got the feeling that he is building the series towards something pretty big Case Nightmare Green and I really enjoy the schreckenshein humour and all the little references at least the ones I get Just A Geek by Wil Wheaton I decided to pick this up after reading a gushing review of it on Patrick Rothfuss’ blog I originally assumed that the book was new, but it was published inbefore Wheaton was the huge internet celebrity he is today.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Der schwarze Schwan von Schreckenstein by Oliver Hassencamp 8. Many, many laugh-out-loud moments. And I wasn’t disappointed: Bueg liked the plot for the most part, and while some of the characters stayed a little flat, some of them were really great. The dialogues are occasionally funny, but on the whole I couldn’t shake the feeling that the author was trying to schreckenstfin Christopher Moore, but never came close to his level. Cold Copper Tears by Glen Cook Thanks for the reminder that Scyreckenstein need to pick them up again!


Some key characters feature in both sub-series, but there are a lot of new faces as well and of course a new enemy, rogue Warlord Zsinj. The whole concept seemed kind of ridiculous to me, so I never really got into it.

Samantha Bee always was one of my favourite people on the Daily Show and in this book she shows that she is also a very entertaining writer. I couldn’t empathise with any of the characters and the story seemed formulaic and unoriginal to me. Skyborn by John Jackson Miller The only story in the book where I felt that I actually learned something new: The ending is only marginally less foreboding than that of Changesso I’m very much looking forward to the next book.

Jan 3,1: Siege of Darkness by R. Sweet Silver Blues by Glen Cook I think a lot of us have the goal of reducing the pile of unread books in their homes, I certainly do!