Grammarian Checklist & Worksheet 10/ V Grammarian When the Toastmaster calls upon you to explain your role, stand up and use the following as an. A role at a Toastmasters meeting. As Grammarian, you make note of any incorrect grammar used by any speakers. You function as a part of the meeting’s . The role of Grammarian is probably the least understood role in a Toastmasters meeting. So why do we do it and how do we prepare for the.

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Make sure you choose a word that will help the members of the audience to enhance their everyday vocabulary, rather than picking a seldom-used, archaic or slang word.


Adjectives or adverbs are recommended since they are easier to incorporate into normal speech, but feel free to choose any type of word grrammarian you wish. Prepare a short definition of the word, including one or two usage examples.

Feel free to write these on a piece of card to read out during the meeting. Print the word out in large letters on two separate pieces of paper.


These should be big enough to read easily across a room.

How to be the Grammarian in Toastmasters – The Blog of Charles

Practice your introduction to ensure that your are comfortable with explaining the role and introducing your chosen word of the day.

Stick one of the word of the day posters at the front of the room where it can be clearly seen by audience members and toawtmasters coming up to speak.

First, report on which participants used the Word of the Day and how many times. You do not need to say how the word was used.

Using your notes, highlight some of the most interesting examples of language which occurred during the meeting. Try to pick examples from a variety of speakers and from various different parts of the meeting. Keep an eye on the time. When you see the amber light, choose one or two more short grammarain, then wrap up and hand back to the Toastmaster. Since the Grammarian makes detailed notes throughout the meeting, it makes sense for them to also write up the meeting report for the club website.


However, if this is to be done by someone else, make sure you hand over your notes to help them with their report. What does the Timekeeper do?

How to be the Grammarian in Toastmasters

What does the Harkmaster do? What does the Grammarian do? What does an Evaluator do?

What does the Topicsmaster do? What does the Topics Evaluator do?

Grammarian – McGill Toastmasters

People Toastmasters What is Toastmasters? The main purpose of the Grammarian role is to encourage and commend good use of language by speakers taostmasters other meeting participants. Listen carefully to the speech evaluators and be sure not to duplicate any comments they might make about language. Meetup Group Join and get meeting reminders delivered direct to your inbox!

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