Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein This is a truly unique book, and a great one . It astonished me to read some of the negative reviews on. Documents Similar To Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein).pdf. Kill Everyone. Uploaded by. Andrei Darie. Uploaded . So, Barry Greenstein gives me a copy of his new book “Ace on the River” and I read it by the pool during the World Series of Poker. Seemed.

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One thing I have a problem with is Greenstein’s statement that “it’s important to prevent the catalysts in the game” – big losers with lots of money or winners who give action – “from destroying themselves.

Barry Greenstein – Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide | PokerNews

As well, I would like After reading this book, I’m left thinking that Barry Greenstein is a well-rounded poker player who recognises that he lost touch with his family early on and now knows that there needs to be more balance in the life.

Pretty interesting, different to a lot of other poker books in that it focuses a lot on Greenstein’s own history and on broader life-management skills necessary to poker success. When reading ‘Ace on the River’ you will regularly be amazed about some of the things Barry Greenstein has been through. Well-written, with good pacing.

Greenstein hits on the flop with Ace on the River

The training videos go into such great detail. Nov 27, Cyberpope added it. Even Doyle Brunson, who has produced two of the best poker bibles around, advises people to read this book for that reason. You show people how to play against you.


By means of a list of questions, you yourself can find out if you have the right mindset to become a poker player. His stepson, Joe Rivfrwith whom he started PokerRoad, which is a poker strategy and entertainment website, is also a professional poker player. They can supply you with information about good games.

Barry, however, chose the easy way out and ended up winning the heads-up. He has also won two other WPT titles in special events: Greenstein dedicates his “Advanced Poker Guide” to the children of gamblers, who might not have gotten the quality time with their parents that they wanted, and he apologizes to his children by name “for when I have failed as a parent. I liked the biographical part just fine.


In this part of the book, the reader finds numerous tips for becoming a better poker player, not in the usual way of analysing poker situations, but by tips that cover everything to do with poker. Articles Reviews Book Reviews. Which QBs could be on the move in ? Not a bad read, but a lot more philisophical than I expected greenatein really wanted when I picked up a poker book to read.

A lot of photo helps the reading too. The layout of the No-Limit Hold’em tournament hands is aec great way to learn how the pros think greensteij ways through hands, and for a man as self-confident as Greenstein some would say egotistical give him this: Feb 19, Tim Merriman rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I was immediately smitten and wanted to hear more interviews and buy his book.

Many people swore by this book. In all things, Barry is surprisingly candid and full of interesting, intelligent takes on things most aspiring poker pros should be thinking about.

The rifer strategy that is covered is only about 60 pages the book itself is about pgs long and is near the end of the book.

Greenstein hits on the flop with Ace on the River

The personality assessment is followed by a fill-in-the-bank section: Sign up below to get a FREE 3-part email course that includes one free minute video from the series, and some detailed hand histories featuring common poker tells. Will Miami’s big chance on Manny Diaz pay off? Aug 11, Sam Choi rated it liked it. It includes an introduction by Doyle Brunson and glossy photos of many different poker rooms.

Barry Greenstein — Ace axe the River: Every tip given by Greenstein is backed up by a fitting example from greesntein he experienced himself. With chapters that detail the poker world, philosophy, managing your life and your money, Greenstein is not trying to get more people under the tent. There was a chapter that contained some specific hands to illustrate some different styles of play and help you analyze the benefits and pitfalls of different actions is specific situations.


Greenstein tried to give a detailed description of everything that has to do with poker, and he did a great job. Oct 25, Scott Goddard rated it it was ok. Focusing on a variety of subjects, such as the psychology of poker, money management, family issues, and sex, this book gives the reader a rare chance to look beyond the cards to see the poker world through someone who lives it.

Log in to leave a comment. For that reason, I consider this book to be all but obsolete.

Open Preview See a Problem? Full color pictures make this a great coffee table book. Dec 21, Tyler rated it really liked it. If you’re looking for this type of content, you’d be better served listening to a podcast or watching YouTube videos as that type of media is more entertaining than a book, in my opinion. He is true to his word, because the book really should only be read by advanced players who are familiar with playing for a living and the hardships that entails.

Mar 28, Timothy rated it it was ok. Retrieved from ” https: In the advanced play section, Greenstein deals with the math of poker by saying you don’t need to be good at math, and makes other good points on bluffing and buying in for the minimum but be disciplined. If, however, you are looking purely for another strategy book, then it’s probably not the ideal book for you.

Jul 16, Vicki rated it liked it. After reading it, Barry’s definitely my favorite!

If this is a mistake and you’re not on my list, signup here. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This book is a little different than your typical poker strategy book.