I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all. I keep track of conditions ( gear/weather/etc) as well as scores and I don’t do them often. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until August 17th, . Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until February 13th, Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger.

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Handgun Standard Exercise: Hackathorn Standards

When every instant counts, help is only minutes away I don’t know what watching someone else ace it means though. Use of our website s implies understanding of our content disclaimer and gackathorn policy.

Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez. Why doesn’t he do it himself?

Load several mags and put a snap cap randomly thru the multiple mags. Join Date Apr Posted 12 November – Keep in mind that that is Ben Stoeger Below is “needs work”. There is no concealment requirement.


Might have to try this sometime. Standares relative to what? Free spam filtering for your domains. January 11th, Shots fired more than 0. If you are anticipating the shot then when you satndards and fire on a snap cap during live fire you will see the front site jump!

You must be signed in to continue. But that was over 12 years ago. The drill as designed has been watered down.

Hackathorn Standards

Has anyone shot this course of fire before? I assume that all stages start from draw? As is standard for my current level of skill, I was pretty accurate but my weapons manipulation wasn’t remotely fast enough to get a passing grade.

December 31st, Originally Posted by renegadephoenix. Are you giving a penalty if they go over the time limit? I’m thinking this might be a good one to use to measure my stnadards over time. WillBrink Guest Feb 23, Picture hosting, Exclusive club forum, Premium recognition, and more website access are only a click away!


The Hackathorn standards

Hackathorn Standards Course Designer: Like Reply 0 Likes. Joined Feb 12, Messages 8 Location Midwest.

Will likely involve standardx, face shots, and foul language. Troy, IIRC was your first time score on this. How would you rate it in terms of challenge? I think that’s impressive shooting, but what does it say about the exercise?

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The Hackathorn standards Shawn, if your shooting friday evening indoors, i’m there. Join Date Sep