Cross-Cultural Themes Series. Author, Peter T. Furst. Edition, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Chandler & Sharp, ISBN, , Hallucinogens and Culture has 34 ratings and 1 review. Blair said: A guy who works at Loui’s gave me this book when he saw I was reading Terence McKenna . HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE by PETER T. FURST. San. Francisco: Chandler & Sharp Publishers, Inc., pp. $ Reviewed by William.

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To everyone’s astonishment, they were found to contain— after years! The seeds were also found in all the later cultural strata, up to the abandonment of the site. They told her that hallucinogfns had found the plant that from then on would enable members of the Bwiti cult to see the dead.

Hallucinogens and Culture – Peter T. Furst – Google Books

In any event, being more powerful, N. It is in fact no exaggeration to state that practically everything we know today of the botany, taxonomy, chemistry, and even anthropology of the ritual hallucinogens of South America ultimately had its genesis in the work of the modern ethno-botanists— from the Yorkshireman plant explorer Richard Spruce to Harvard’s Richard Evans Schultes.

Once the Cahuilla neophyte was convinced by his own perceptions, he was thenceforth locked into the entire Cahuilla cosmology, dramatically, with community guidance and support.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Both must observe strict rules about handling of their tools and other fufst for example, tools may be passed only between thumb and index finger and in no other manner.

For, quite apart from purely biochemical effects, as several field workers have noted, it is primarily the mind set and the culture of the user and his social group that determine the nature and intensity of the ecstatic experience and how that experience is interpreted and assimilated. This differentiation is also emphasized hallucinigens the terms applied to the traditional hallucingens. Not counting some extravagant claims that range beyond a hundred culhure years, most scholarly estimates fluctuate from a high ofyears ago for the oldest toyears for the terminal major movements before the melting of the glaciers raised the sea level by feet and inundated the overland passage from Asia, while at the same time opening a new ice-free corridor for southward movement.

As an example, when the Huichol peyote pilgrim finally arrives in Wirikuta, the sacred country in the north-central Mexican desert where he or she is to harvest the hallucinogenic cactus, he has already traveled some miles from his homeland traditionally on footand he is physically close to exhaustion.

After these had been burned, the ashes were placed within certain mortars, together with a great deal of tobacco; this herb is used by the Indians to relieve the body so as to calm the pains of toil. Schultes and La Barre were hardly strangers to the problem, or to each other. MDA methylene dioxyamphetamine is an amination product of safrol, and the closely related MMDA 3- methoxy-4,5-methylene dioxyphenyl isopropylamine is a synthetic compound derived from the addition of ammonia to myristicin, the most important primary constituent of nutmeg.


In particular I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Tukanoan mythology places the origin of yaje at the very beginning of the social order, when it is said to have appeared in human form soon after the male Sun had fertilized the female Earth with hallucibogens phallic ray and the first drops of semen had become the original people.

Hence we have in the eating of eboka a eucharistic experience with similarities to Christian communion. The Sacred Hallucinovens Considering its enormous geographic spread in the Americas at the time of European discovery, as well as the probable age of stone tobacco pipes in California, the inhaling often called “drinking” or “eating” of tobacco smoke by the shaman, as a corollary to therapeutic fumigation and the feeding of the gods with smoke, culthre also be of considerable antiquity.

The age of these early migrations is still a matter curst dispute. Third, the story of the discovery of eboka by the wife emphasizes the crucial role of women in the cult. Descent also forms the basis rurst the criteria by which different parts cultue the plant are chosen for the preparation of the hallucinogenic drink Reichel-Dolmatoff, I am familiar with at least one naturalistic Maya figurine from the island of Jaina, in the Gulf of Campeche, depicting what seems to be a priest with four perforated folds of flesh on his bare back, one pair on each side.

Yaje or yage is a Tukanoan word widely employed in the northwest Amazon, and for the reason that by far the best anthropological analysis ever written on the complex mythological, symbolic, and social meanings of the Banisteriopsis drink in the aboriginal world comes from the Tukanoan Desana of Colombia Reichel-Dolmatoff, that is what we will call it here. Obviously, many significant areas of research in psychopharmacology and ethnobotany, as well as some interesting and as yet little- understood nonchemical “techniques of ecstasy” have had to be slighted, in favor of in- depth treatment of some others of more general interest.

In other words, whatever their level of technological complexity, these first Americans moved in and interacted reciprocally with an ideational universe no less than the physical one, presumably with hallucinogsns more of a sharp dividing line between these two essential planes than one finds today in surviving hunting cultures and other traditional systems. To all this were added hairy black worms, their hair filled with venom, injuring those who touch them.

For example, psilocybine and the psychoactive alkaloids in morning-glory seeds cupture indole- tryptamine derivatives and thus hallucinogesn similar in chemical structure to serotonine 5-hydroxy- tryptaminewhile mescaline is related to noradrenaline.

Hallucinogens and Culture (Chandler & Sharp series in cross-cultural themes)

Harmala alkaloids have also been isolated from Cabi paraensis, another malpighiaceous genus that has many uses in Brazilian folk medicine, but here again no deliberate intoxicating use is known.

Not so the Anonymous Conqueroranother sixteenth-century Mexican source, who writes of the Huastec Indians of Veracruz that, not content with intoxicating themselves by drinking their “wine” xnd pulque, the fermented juice of the agave cactusthey also injected it furts I ly. This possibility is the more likely in that the reindeer— with which man, first as hunter and then as herder, has lived in an intimate relationship for halluciongens of thousands of years— has itself a certain intriguing relationship with the hallucinogenic fly-agaric mushroom, even to the point of inebriation, a phenomenon that could hardly have failed to impress the Paleo-Eurasiatic peoples of long ago as much as it has impressed recent Siberian tribesmen see Chapter The water used for mixing the clay likewise has a mystical bond with hallucinogenns, for plants that have been knocked down by deer while feeding are soaked in it before it is added to the clay.


Yaje Child was dismembered, every man appropriating for himself a part of its body. At the very least this is strong circumstantial evidence for the La Barre hypothesis of Paleolithic roots for the uallucinogens complex in the Americas.

Among these alkaloids, the tryptamines are the most important hallucinogens Schultes,a. Nutmeg was, in fact, widely regarded as an effective aphrodisiac and still enjoys that reputation in the Near East, where Yemenite men take it to enhance potency.

Enema syringes or narcotic clysters, and even enema rituals, were discovered to be represented in Maya art, an outstanding example being a large painted vase dating ADon which a man is depicted carrying an enema syringe, applying an enema to himself, and having a woman halljcinogens it to him. Moreover, there is an intriguing legal aspect: Best-known and probably most common is smoking, but it was also drunk, snuffed, licked, sucked, eaten, and even injected rectally as enemas, a technique that permits especially rapid absorption of the active principles into the blood stream, while bypassing the digestive system and thereby avoiding unpleasant side effects.

Hallucinogens and Culture by Peter T. Furst

Indeed, a magnificent relief carved on another monument. Shamanism is deeply rooted in hallucinogns ecstatic, visionary experience, and the early Native Americans, as well as their descendants, were thus, so to speak, “culturally programmed” for a conscious exploration of the environment in search of means by which to attain that desired state. The paste is rolled out between the palms of the hands and modeling is done with the fingers.

The yaje is distributed at prescribed intervals and with ritual ans and speech-making by the headman, who fills the cups from the sacred maternal yaje vessel, while the men cupture or continue their dancing. It may come as something of a surprise that contrary to conventional wisdom Cannabis should be treated as a multispecies genus rather than as a single species, Cannabis sativa L, with several geographical or ecological varieties e.