Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. British space opera author Hamilton (The Misspent Youth (The Commonwealth Saga) by [Hamilton, Peter F.]. Misspent Youth [Peter F. Hamilton, Steven Crossley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After decades of research, scientists of the. A gripping near-future novel by bestselling author Peter F. Hamilton. A stunning reissue of Misspent Youth, a gripping introduction to the world of Peter F.

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Pandora on the other hand is great, I’d start from Pandora. Kirkus Reviews described the novel as ” Flowers for Algernoncentering on sex instead of brains.

Nutsmuggler I’d skip this book entirely. The writing, as ever, is excellent and the use of key locations – albeit with a mild future twist – is always a pleasant experience but this was really just a family drama played against the hamilgon of mild SciFi, the rejuvenation of Jeff Baker. Even the family drama is not much of a drama After 18 months in a German medical facility, the year-old hamiltoon returns home looking like a healthy year-old.

After impregnating Annabelle with a second genetically improved child, a girl this time, he begins a live broadcast, misspnt he reveals the lies of the EU government and rescinds his support for the presidential campaign. The glimpses of the political and scientific worlds is really intriguing but sadly these take a distant back seat to Jeff’s urges.

Hamilton gives us a future of “intelligent idiots,” people who are brilliant technologically, but definitely not advanced in any sense emotionally or socially.

A core group of three or four characters all interacting to form a fairly dysfunctional family experience character development and individual changes that his stories don’t usually get the opportunity to delve too deeply into considering how much is always going on with as many characters as are usually involved in a typical Hamilton plot.


Lists with This Book.

MISSPENT YOUTH by Peter F. Hamilton | Kirkus Reviews

When this novel’s Icarus gets his wings melted, it’s hard to misspeent much anguish. On the other hand, the free availability of information also provides opportunity of incredible scientific advancement, misspnet the free sharing of research data allows scientists to cooperate and elaborate on each other’s results. If you are looking from the young-again-man perspective, the story is more than plausible. Unfortunately that’s about it. Sure, sure, Hamilton has never exactly shied away from melodramatic moments even in his most thrilling stories.

Hamilton tells Jeff story from Tims angle, making this hamilto Hamiltons strongest book to date. Sure, there are some bits about interesting technology but it’s mostly about rich families being awful people.

If you wanted to read the Void Trilogy and your OCD forced you to read this book, then you’re probably me.

Misspent Youth

What I really enjoyed about this book was the focus on the characters living their lives through the short window the story covers. Because of this act, he is chosen as the candidate for the first use of rejuvenation technology which leaves him with the body of a young man.

However, McDevitt usually manages to elevate one or two of his brain-dead geniuses into some kind of psychological advance, whereas Hamilton’s heroes are pretty much obsessed with sex, mone Set in the very near future, youh novel speaks to the shallow nature of our advancement. Retrieved from ” http: Apr 17, Brian Shelby rated it it was ok. In that way it is actually a pretty decent take on the disruption that rejuvenation therapy might cause.

  HP 70004A PDF

Hamilton forms a picture of a famous man yourh a troubled family, living in a troubled RutlandEngland — also Hamilton’s home county. Misspent Youth is simply the shallowest story Hamilton’s ever written. It’s not yoyth Tim who has growing up to do in yoith novel, his father has to regain his maturity as well.

As it is, with the advent of digitalisation of most academic journals and a lot of monographs, our work is slowly moving from providing access to information to more of a filtering and curating sort of position.

You’ll enjoy yourself a hell of a lot more this time around. The beginning is somewhat fascinating, but most of it after that seems like a cheap telenovela.


If you want to read the Commonwealth Saga don’t start with “Misspent Youth”. Jeff literally gave his billion-dollar idea away free but still managed to make vast amounts of money.

Jun 29, Donald rated it it was ok Shelves: Hamilton has used it himself in his space-opera series. As a matter of fact, this is yoth much a kind of family soap opera in a slightly more futuristic time than ours.

Or perhaps he just meant this to be a bit more than a light tale and more a tale of growth and family.