Download scientific diagram | Moulton’s Hydragas suspension system [21] from publication: Recent developments in passive interconnected vehicle suspension . Find great deals on eBay for mgf hydragas suspension. Shop with confidence. Hydragas suspension (Moulton-Dunlop) the conical piston and the tapered displacer chamber skirt as the suspension deflects up and down when the wheels.

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Hydragas Suspension Info

The first was a linear model that showed reasonable accuracy over restricted frequency ranges. Bernd Pischetsrieder, with whom I had had encouraging discussions left and the decision suspenssion taken that the new Mini should be wholly conventional in its suspension.

Hence it is possible to design a compliant suspension – giving a comfortable ride – without suffering a penalty in terms of excessive roll when cornering. The displaced fluid passes to the displacer of the paired wheel, thus providing a dynamic interaction between front and rear wheels.

The damping fluid chambers of the front and rear wheels on each side of the car are connected via a hydraulic hose, such that an input at the front wheel pumps fluid through the pipe to the rear wheel. When practically undeflected ie: The damping force vs. If we do hydfagas a defective unit fortunately this doesn’t happen very often we contact the customer suspenxion away and give them the opportunity to send us another unit, if we encounter suspsnsion defective unit there is no charge hydrqgas that particular unit.

This gave the car a rising and falling motion rather than the sudden pitching of the rubber cone system. Hydragas displacer units gradually lose their gas over time.

On MGF and Rover Metro front units the inner wing strengthener is larger and completely covers the top of the displacer, therefore we fit the valve to the side of the units on these models so there are no concerns on re-fitting. I mean, what do you want We fitted this system to the original Mini of The piston area variation thus produces a restoring moment about the pitch axis. One unit was held at its datum position while the other sjspension moved. Princess Diana was killed in a two-tonne Mercedes: Hyydragas from ” https: The Maxi featured designed Hydrolastic units with the regulator valve fitted with the interconnection pipe.


The pressure in the system is thus acting over a larger area, and hence applying additional force. Both systems attempt to address the ride-handling compromise of car suspension by interconnecting the suspension of the front and rear of the car in some way. Society of Automotive Engineers.

Pitching motion, which causes fore-and-aft movement of the occupants, is generally regarded as being more objectionable than bounce motion [1]. The Suez crisis occurred in and petrol rationing meant that tiny bubble cars, mostly of German manufacture and including some BMW-Isetta models, began to flood the roads.

In Alex Moulton founded the Moulton Bicycle company to build his innovative design for small wheel suspnesion. With the original Mini, we set out to prevent any accidents by having excellent handling, not by cushioning people from usspension consequences of their own folly The old Mini was the absolute apogee of this philosophy of built-in safety via the handling —people avoided accidents by driving around them.

The original] Suspwnsion was the best-packaged car of all time this is an example of how not to do it.


The magnitude of the mass was estimated based on the areas of the damper force vs. They had total authority from Lord: Other Interconnected Suspension References 1. Before we start work we thoroughly check the unit s for fluid leaks, we then drill into the gas chamber to release what’s left of the old gas and provide the means of entry for the new gas.

This gives the suspension a sharply rising rate even in pitch, so that there is a strong tendency to return to equilibrium. These replace the conventional steel springs of a regular suspension design. The system thus has a progressive rate characteristic. The whole Mini racing thing was started by John Cooper. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


A forward-travelling car will first encounter disturbances at the front wheels that tend to lift the front of the car in relation to the rear. It was a great success, and Ford in particular were very upset by it.

Lord was determined to make a range of new and innovative cars, and he plucked Alec Issigonis back from Alvis to design them. Hydrgas had heard of Alec Issigonis by reputation and we met socially before we worked together. Without this rising rate there would be no effective pitch resistance at all.

Hydrolastic – Wikipedia

These cars could have uncompromised damping which, with the wheel at each corner layout. This article needs additional citations for verification. His conclusion was basically that he would not want suspensioon drive it on anything other than dead-smooth tarmac.

The majority of units are now over 30 years old and most are so low on gas that the ride quality they give is now severely compromised. I had previously designed the rubber cone suspension system — it was a specially shaped rubber and metal unit that gave a smoothly rising spring rate.

The increase in piston area with higher bounce motions causes the resultant increase in fluid pressure to produce an increasingly higher downward restoring force on the wheels. The Hydragas units used in the present research project were from the new Rover MGF suspenwion car, and featured a smaller-volume gas chamber and a damper valve of different construction.

The Morris was introduced in with the first Hydrolastic installation.