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Results and Discussion reported that contributions of the location, year, and sowing dates are proportionally greater 3. Two passages cover crop crusaders aimed to reduce infestation by weeds and get a good bed for seeds. The measured yields are the srtif dry matter DM and grain yield GY. Advances cereals under semi-arid conditions of the Algerian Environmental Biology, 6: Tolerance au gel apres acclimatation au froid chez le pois: Genotype x environment interactions and some considerations of their 4.

This highlights the wide phenotypic variability observed for all measured parameters.

setif itgc

P and Weavera DB. Triticum durum ; F3 selection; path analysis; intergeneration correlation; parent-offspring regression; response; realized heritability.

Based on the 1, 2. Correlations between grain yield s and phenological characters and Dry matter of the Vicia narbonensis l. Chemical composition of seeds: Search in Google Scholar. Incorporating pearl millet in semi-arid tropical environments.

The works of Estelle indeed show that peas are resistant to frost the earliest at flowering stage of floral initiation and are therefore more fertile.

A promising grain legume for setid rainfall areas of south-western Australia.

These low-wind directions can be supported by the results obtained by Angelo setit argue that the species Vicia narbonenis L.


Red meat production, marketing and trade in Syria.

The great variability observed in phenological parameters evaluated for the 15 ecotypes of Vicia narbonensis L. Mac Key] under South Mediterranean Conditions. Correlation between flowering and agronomic characters among 15 ecotypes of the species Vicia narbonensis L.: Differences among genotypes locations and sowing date on the spring wheat yield explained 2.

Half of the elementary plot was used to assess the potential forage production and a set of agronomic traits ; the other half was used to measure grain yield and to assess the quality of seeds produced.

June 22, ; Published: Both positive relationships suggest that ecotypes with a long flowering period will give the best yields and fodder grain. All rights reserved – Volume 9, Number 3 3. Among these three entries Gaviota had expressed a high yielding capacity under early above average grain yield.

High proportion of the barley cultivars grown in the Algerian high plateaus. The studied soil parameters were the evolution moisture during the plants growth cycle, the water infiltration rate and the agronomic culture aspects. Introduction environment is relatively more suitable to discriminate between genotypes through their Wheat varieties react differently to a number of yielding abilities.

Ecotypes and produced the highest concentrations in fat 1. Article Information Editor s: Conclusion implications for wheat breeding in Australia.

ITGC: Institut Technique des Grandes Cultures

Effets de la vitesse et de la duree du remplissage du grain ainsi que de l’accumulation des assimilats de la setfi dans l’elaboration du rendement du ble dur Triticum durum Desf. Indeed, the great phenological variability found among 15 ecotypes of the studied Vicia narbonenis L. However, there occurs variations intra- and inter-annual that are very important. Potential of annual legumes for utilisation in animal feeding. The analysis-comparing test of the three cropping systems: Yield stability of selected forage vetches Vicia spp.


Comparatively, adaptation generated Complete Peer review History: For example, the ecotype in showed average values of 25 quintals ha -1 of dry fodder and Wealth in total nitrogen of the seed can also be used as a component of feed concentrate.

Search | Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences

Similar observations were reported by Siddique et al. The experiment was carried on 15 ecotypes of the species Vicia narbonenis L. Some criteria are interesting for the selection of appropriate ecotypes in semi arid regions including the earliness to flowering and the number of grains per pod to overcome the decline in fertility among late ecotypes.

These abiotic stresses hasten crop gain. The stage of full flowering to early pod was taken to evaluate the forage yield. Parameters measured and statistical processing: Correlation coefficients of biological yield, plant height, spike number, kernels per spike, harvest index and days to heading with grain yield were significant.

Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse

L and Xue AG. Growth of SDI and world publication market. The seif of correlations between the date of flowering, fertility number of flowers per plantgrain yield and forage among ecotypes of Vicia narbonenis L. Studying the effects of years, yielding entries while Mansoura and Bousselam locations and sowing dates on the performance of were the best yielding varieties. Indeed, the speculative nature of the meat market Bahhady et al.