Johannes Liechtenauer was a 14th century German fencing master. The martial arts taught by Liechtenauer, especially the swordsmenship, dominate in. The Recital of the. Chivalric Art of Fencing of the. Grand Master Johannes Liechtenauer. With Commentary and Illustrations by. Master Sigmund ain Ringeck. Buy The Art and Science of Johannes Liechtenauer for sale in our UK Shop. Buy HEMA books, swords, shields, helmets, armour and clothing for re-enactment.

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Johannes Liechtenauer

All perks are delivered apart from the scan bundles, and the last two sets of scans should arrive soon to close that out. I make good on that pledge now: So I set about rectifying this, attempting to create the resources for my students that I had initially thought to buy. Though it was full of errors and had many omissions, I happily distributed this text to the members of my group since I found it more useful than anything else on the market.

A printed copy made its way into a 2-inch binder on my shelf, alongside the four-inch binder that held a complete workup of the four Fiores, Vadi, Eyb, and the mysterious Cod. Fast forward johannew years towhen Wiktenauer had gone from an impossible pipe dream to a legitimate liechtwnauer for HEMA research. Then I remembered the Liechtenauer and Fiore study guides I had once created—texts that still, five years later, had not been reproduced by any authors in the field—and I thought they might be the incentive people needed.

We all know how this story ends, of course: In the intervening years, my understanding of the Liechtenauer tradition had increased tenfold. Where Hils listed fifty-five German fencing manuals, I am now tracking over ninety. Many scholars have devoted time and effort to unlocking the history and context of these fencing manuals, and many others to interpreting their teachings.

And, of course, the quality of resources that we have access to has drastically increased. So, rather than printing the existing study document from five years ago, I decided to exceed my campaign johxnnes perhaps test the patience of my donors—by completely rebuilding this book from the ground up.


In these pages you will find the latest translations by two of my friends and most prolific contributors—the closest thing I have to a staff in this thing called Wiktenauer—Christian Trosclair and Cory Winslow. You will also find liehctenauer work by Thomas Stoeppler and Christian Tobler who has long been a pillar of our community.

Accompanying their translations are full transcriptions by Dierk Hagedorn, the most prolific transcriber our community has, carefully compared against new high-res scans as they have become available most recently scans of the Ms. Also included for completionists is a full breakdown of the three primary short sword glosses, with translations by me, Mike Rasmusson, and David Rawlings.

This section is less polished, as the state of research here is less advanced, but I hope it will still be useful. I would have liked to have included the mounted material as well, but no free translation of any of the relevant texts has ever been released so that will have to wait for a future version of this document. Though long delayed, this book represents the most complete picture possible of the Liechtenauer tradition of foot combat as it was recorded in the mid 15th century.

The pages ahead of you are packed with content—the intent is that this book be useful as a resource during active training, so wherever possible all material relevant to a specific device is loaded onto a single page. The first section contains introductory materials: This section is adapted from the relevant Wiktenauer articles, revised and updated over the course of this project.

The second section contains the complete Recital of Johannes Liechtenauer, as it johanns given in the Rome version Cod.

The third section is johaannes longest and, for most readers, the most important. There are many pages that are mostly blank because only one of the three glosses has hohannes text. In the translation, Branches A and B are folded together into a single entry.

The translation is by Cory Winslow and the transcription by Dierk Hagedorn. The translation is liechtennauer Christian Trosclair and the transcription by Dierk Hagedorn. Four images from the treatise of Hans Talhoffer Cod. The translation is by Thomas Stoeppler, and the transcription by Dierk Hagedorn. This gloss always includes the entire passage of the Recital and the entire commentary in separate blocks, so it has to be rearranged to match the other two.


When verses or paragraphs have been broken up, this is indicated by ellipses in the appropriate places.

Additionally, many sections of verse were expanded by the glossator, and those additional verses have been greyed out for clarity. The fourth section covers the glosses of the short sword in the largely the same fashion. Instead, the bottom row features the short sword gloss of Peter von Danzig zum Ingolstadt, using my translation. Johanmes transcriptions are again by Dierk Hagedorn.

Johannes Liechtenauer — The Liechtenauer Federation

Finally, there are three appendixes. Both transcriptions are by Dierk Hagedorn. Michael has been studying historical European martial arts since Michael co-founded the True Edge Academy of Swordsmanship inand until late was a senior instructor at its Liechtensuer, Utah branch. InMichael was appointed to the newly-established position of Director of the Wiktenauer by the HEMA Alliance general council, formalizing the role of principal designer and editor that he had assumed in early and adopting the Wiktenauer as a formal Alliance project.

As Wiktenauer lead, Michael has assembled the most complete catalog of HEMA manuscripts currently available, compiling together such resources as scans, transcriptions, and translations, and is currently laboring to assemble a similar catalog of printed treatises.

He developed a degree of fluency in the latter while living abroad in Mexico between and You must be logged in to post a comment. Previous Support Fighters Against Racism. Next Fighting as johanens communicative skill.

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