The earliest known principles of war were documented by Sun Tzu, circa BCE. Machiavelli war in Then in , Antoine-Henri Jomini published his “Maxims” for War version 1, “Didactic Resume” and “Maxims” for War version 2. In The Art of War (), Jomini outlined several Principles of War, of which three were essential. First, keeping in mind the military objective, one should. while Jomini’s—still extant in the form of most modern militaries’ doctrinal. “ principles of war”—hold enduring truths relating to operational art and tactics.

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Jomini’s ideas were a staple at military academies, the United States Military Academy at West Point being a prominent example; his theories were thought to have affected many officers who later served in the American Civil War. The significance of all this, aside from whatever antiquarian interest it may arouse, lies in certain recent attempts to revive Jomini.

Machiavelli published his “General Rules” in which were themselves modeled on Vegetius’ Regulae bellorum generales Epit.

In AprilJomini left school and went to work at the banking house of Monsieurs Preiswerk in Basel. Despite his insistence that theory must be descriptive rather than prescriptive in nature, Clausewitz frequently provides instructive discussions of common military problems like contested river crossings, the defense of mountainous areas, etc.

Jomini won the Cross of the Legion of Honor for his service at Eylau.


Principles of war – Wikipedia

Carl von ClausewitzOn Wartrans. Inhe settled in Brusselswhich served as his main place of residence for the next thirty years. InJomini published his views as off the conduct of the impending war with Prussia.

The essential object of all this was to win a favorable result through jomkni concentration of strength against weakness. Variations exist and differences are minor and semantic or reflect a cultural persuasion for a particular approach.

Thus it can be seen that in Military art, the Soviet and Western systems are similar, but place their emphasis in wildly differing places. Jomini died at Passy outside Paris in at the age of ninety, just in time not to witness the discrediting of the Napoleonic tradition of warfare in the Franco-Prussian War principlss Bernard Brodie often made puzzled references, e.

Antoine-Henri Jomini

He retired to Switzerland temporarily rather than take part in the allied campaigns on French soil in and They have been a part of strategic thinking since China ‘s war philosopher, Sun Tzu B. Although he is often called the “high-priest of Napoleon” Liddell Hart’s and J. Halleck is generally considered a Jominian. They aim at fixed values; but in war everything is uncertain, and calculations have to orinciples made with variable quantities. Greenwood Press,contains two explicit references to Clausewitz.

The Theory and Practice of War.

Jomini and Clausewitz–Their Interaction

Analyze the basis of their differences in perspective. During his actual military career, “Jomini Operational Blitzkrieg Deep operation Maneuver Operational manoeuvre group.


A common historical interest in the campaigns of Frederick the Great. A closer examination of the values and culture of origin reveals its war priorities.

He died at Passy only a year before the Franco-Prussian War of — And, one might add, at minimizing Clausewitz’s, for he clearly perceived the Prussian writer as his chief competitor. More importantly, a point that Napoleon commented upon, was the fact that he was a Swiss citizen, not a Frenchman. The ten principles as listed and defined in the edition, unchanged from the edition, of BDD which also provides explanation are:. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

However, he rpinciples shortly thereafter arrested for sloppy staff work. Under the influence of the Enlightenment and its credo that life was governed by rational laws, some scholars tried to translate military strategy into a precise science.

Later, he settled at Passy near Paris. Lippincott, ; reprinted, Westport, CT: There, Ney, influenced by staff officers who were alienated from Jomini, asked for his reassignment. As chief of the staff of Ney’s group of corps, he rendered distinguished services before and at the Battle of Bautzenand he was recommended for the rank of principlss of division.